Mother-Son Dance - American Rust
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Lee is driving through the Fort Pitt tunnel. I belive she's going in the wrong direction to go toward West Virginia.

Del has returned to the office with the evidence, which he puts into a contacts case in his desk drawer.

Lee has arrived home, and it's a mess. Dirty dishes have overrun the kitchen, the living room is filled with clutter. Henry is asleep in his recliner.

Lee covers her father in a blanked, and he wakes. She tries to reach out to touch his head, but he pushes her away. He's angry about Isaac stealing his money and taking off, but he doesn't think he went far.

They have small talk, and Henry asks her to take him to a wedding nearby. He puts on a football game, and she decides to get settled.

Del tries to paint Pete in a positive light, but the sheriff says that Pete was an utter disaster and Del is just being nice. Sue the DA decides Frank will take point to ensure it's a clean investigation.

KK is marrying Jimbo, and Grace has made her gown. The dress is actually quite beautiful.

Billy and his mullet are sneaking up on the mill, but Del sneaks up on him. He calls him out on not having a jacket in the weather, wondering what happend to his hand.

Billy will be meeting with his parole person later this week and thinks he'll go off without a hitch.

Del gives Billy money to buy new shoes in a different size. He wants him to get rid of his shoes. And don't buy the new shoes, Adidas instead of Nikes, he suggests, nearby. He should go to Brownsville or West Newton, some place where he won't be recognized.

At home, Billy puts some salve on his hand wound that he got fixing his car. Haha.

Grace is at the convenience store when Del arrives to get gas. She has on a dress for the wedding, and she just bought deoderant, which she puts on outside before chatting with Del.

Henry is getting ready for the wedding. Lee wants to ask him a question. Why didn't he hire someone with the money she sends? Isaac must think she's a monster. Henry is the monster, he says. He didn't even close the fuckin' door when he left.

Lee calls Isaac, but he doesn't answer.

Virgil has a date at the wedding. Billy is there, too.

Grace is making plates for her and Billy from the buffet full of lasagna, pierogies, and such.

Katie's father does a horrible joke during the toast, and he acknowledges Pete Novick's death with his beautiful cousin Pammy across the room. They have a moment of silence.

When he finally gets around to the toast, it's not too bad.

As the toasts continue, Billy tilts off of his axis when Lee and Henry arrive. Lee writes the bride and goom a $400 check for the money tree.

Billy checks in with Lee. He says he didn't even know that Isaac took off.

Lee is wearing one of her mother's dresses.

There is a polka band at the wedding.

Everyone puts money on the tree to dance with the bride.

While the girls dance around the money tree, the men grab Jimbo and try to keep him from Katie. It doesn't work.

Del and Frank are at a local store where the 911 call originated. Steve notices a security camera.

Virgil wants to visit Grace for a while after he ditches the youngster. He says he learned a thing that he wants to show her. But if it's not going to pay the mortgage, she's not interested. She knows that Shonie is married since Grace helped make the wedding dress. Virgil doesn't care. He's married, too.

Frank and Del get nothing from the camera that points relatively nowhere.

Girls are fawning over Lee's hair when Celebration comes on and everyone races to the dance floor. Dreamin' Straight From the Heart is next.

As Billy and Lee slow dance to Reunited, he says he's missed her and wanted to call her a million times.

Virgil wants Grace to dance. When she points out that Shoni is across the room getting felt up, Virgil slams down his drink, strides across the room, and punches the guy in the face. Henry laughs out loud.

Grace cuts in on Billy and Lee, angering him just a bit. When he cuts away and visits the porta potties, Isaac pops out from behind.

Billy wants him to get his shit together. Isaac wants to gets their story straight. Billy says there isn't a story. They were never there. He wants Isaac to get the hell out of town. Isaac isn't eager to do that. Billy wants Isaac to head west, go to that school, and enjoy his life. Isaac asks if they'll ever see each other again, and Billy promises that everything will be alright, but Isaac's got to be strong right now.

Del arrives at the reception just as Billy is lying to Lee about how he hurt his hand, and it's a different story than he told Del.

Del takes Pete's boy to the car to show him the lights.

Billy helps Henry get home. He knows how to do it.

When Lee complains about Isaac stealing the money, Billy stands up for him. Maybe he thought he deserved that money for taking care of their dad.

Billy didn't go to Akron because Grace doesn't have a pension and her hand is getting worse, and he thought he could stay here and work.

Lee and Billy reminisce about what they loved about each other and start kissing.

Grace stops on the side of the road near the police station to call Del. She watches him from the road while they talk. She tells him to turn around and look out his window.

Isaac is going home when he sees Lee on Billy's lap as they make out. Once again, he looks sour.

Grace takes Del somewhere so they can make out, too.

In the morning, Lee is on the porch alone. She calls Isaac, and this time, he answers. He tells her not to call again and tosses his phone into a creek.

Billy is in the woods digging a to put his shoes and clothes into. He covers them with lighter fluid and sets them on fire.

Isaac is walking across the train bridge with a train on the way. Billy gets naked and walks into the creek. That sucker is deep. Maybe it's a thin part of the river.

If Isaac was supposed to jump the train, he didn't.

American Rust
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American Rust Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Make sure you sign them two Andrew Jacksons so they know we were here cause they're gonna be too goddamned hung over to remember anything tomorrow.


Virgil: Hey. Whatever you do, do not write Many Happy Returns. Katie Danek's fat mother just chewed me out for it.
Billy: What's wrong with Many Happy Returns?
Virgil: Apparently, it's bad luck to say it at a wedding? You're only supposed to say it at birthdays and New Year's, and shit. Phyllis Danek just bit my head off! FATASS WALRUS!
Shonie: What happens if you say it at a wedding?
Virgil: I don't know, sugarbush. You probably fall in a hole or something.
Shonie: Sugarbush! [grabs him]
Virgil: Titty twist? Don't be titty twisting me in public!