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The boys ride up to he military gate to get into the paintball park. They get in without a hitch.

Smurf is cleaning like crazy and doing laundry.

J is at Alexa's house. The cops are coming to visit. He turns off his phone and takes out the SIM card, because Smurf tracks them.

The boys leave the paintball park and head towards the money building. Cath visits Smurf wanting to know if she's heard anything.

Det. Yates and Patrick talk with J. Yates works him hard, both threatening and scaring him. The kid has no way out.

Smurf is planning on baking a pie as she always does during a job. She wants to make up with Smurf, but she has an ulterior motive. When she goes to the bathroom, she goes to the laundry area and takes money from behind the dryer. Meanwhile, Lena lets it slip that Cath is friends with a cop.

The boys are in the money building and get to work.

Yates is still working J hard. She really wants to know what the next job is, but J won't say a word. 

Cath and Lena leave. Smurf discovers the machine has been moved. Busted. Meanwhile, the boys are changing the labels on some of the money when a military crew arrives. It's a close call, but they leave and the boys get back to work. They stick the money in bags in oil cans in the trash and leave.

Yates is talking with Patrick. She doesn't care if Alexa sleeps with J as long as they get the Cody's. That's all that matters. 

The boys leave the money building and head back towards paintball park.

The pie is ready and waiting. Smurf waits and the boys come home. Baz is at the garbage yard watching the cash that is stored in the barrels.

Deran digs into the pie and kisses mom like a good boy.  Smurf asks Pope about Baz's plan. She's a little snarky about it, because it worked.

J and Alexa talk. She really works him to cooperate with the cops. They kiss. She's going to do whatever it takes to save her own ass.

Smurf tells Pope about Cath. She tells him she's manipulated him and everyone.

Baz is waiting and gets a call from Paul. He tells Paul he'll talk to him about a new car later.

J is having sex with Alexa. Graphic.

Pope visits Cath. He's straight with her. She lies. She goes to bathroom to find something to protect herself, but finds nothing. He finds the suitcase with passports. When she comes out she sees it on the bed. He sits in the chair.  She tells him she's afraid, that she's always loved him. They kiss and have sex. Then, he smothers her to death. Because she lied.

He puts her in her truck, then takes Lena with.

The cops return with pizza. Yates wants J to turn the phone back on. Smurf has called. He tells her he wants to stay at a friend's house. She says okay. She's suspicious. Craig tells her J is screwing his teacher.

Baz calls Cath. No answer. Pope takes dead Cath to the hills and digs a grave. He throws her in and the suitcase. 

Deran shows up to take over for Baz. Baz goes home. Cath is gone, but Lena is in bed sleeping.

Yates tells J he has to wear a wire. J refuses, but Yates threatens him. Alexa tries to convince him, and it's obvious to Patrick that Alexa and J have already crossed the line.

Smurf is outside looking at the trees. Something is in the air.

Animal Kingdom
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Animal Kingdom Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

You're like the colt that can't keep up with the herd when the wolves arrive. And the wolves are circling, Josh.

Det. Yates

She tracks my phone. She tracks all of us.