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Deran and Craig break into an arcade to steal money from the change makers. They have a conversations about how monkeys can do their jobs, and what they will buying with their cuts after the heist.

Later, the family goes over the plan with Paul. Paul isn't too thrilled about Baz's plan and wants to back out, but Baz manipulates him, and he comes around.

J is meeting with Alexa who tells her sob story. J doesn't care and walks away. Nicky is watching.

Nicky shows up at the house and Smurf sends Craig to take care of her. He takes her on a ride to the beach.

The team goes back over the plan, but there's a glitch, and they decide to use J to make a move.

Cath is meeting with Patrick. He wants her to talk to Det. Yates. She is not happy that Patrick brought this detective in. Yates tells her that Smurf killed her parents.

J agrees to do the task needed at the base.

Nicky tells Craig that J is boning his teacher. She also hints that she knows the Cody's are more than real estate people. Then, she makes a move on Craig. They leave the beach.

Det. Yates tries to convince Cath to turn. She wants to know about their next job. Cath decides to leave without saying a word when Det. Yates suggests that Baz knew about the fire.

Pope drives J to the base and he goes through security.

Baz goes to his dad's house to get money when his dad shows up. He tells Baz he got busted for a drunk and disorderly and has been sober for 11 days.

J climbs the fence to get inside the building part of the base.

Deran is ironing money. Craig gets back to help him and tells him about Nicky.

J gets to the building where he's supposed to start a fire.

Baz and Pope meet Vin at a junkyard and give him 10 grand to go away. Vin isn't too happy about it.

J finishes the job and gets back to the fence, but he's caught. The MP's play a little scare game with him and let him go.

Pope walks into the garage to inspect the ironed bills and doesn't like the way they look, so he sits down to redo them.

J gets home and is congratulated for his work. He doesn't tell them about the MP incident.

Pope goes to talk to Smurf by the pool. She apparently hasn't slept for days.

Baz is at home. Cath talks about her parents. He tells her they were bad people and reminds her of everything they did to her. Then she thanks him for calling her to go to the beach otherwise she would've been in the fire too. She knows what Det. Yates said is true.

Baz goes to the garage to help Pope. He asks about the guard Vin brought up and Pope shares the indignity he dealt with at the hands of the guard while in prison.

J wants to talk to Baz, but Baz is annoyed. J wants to know if he's his dad. Baz doesn't confirm or deny, but pretty much rips apart J's mom calling her a whore in so many words. Then he leaves.

Deran and Craig are getting the car ready for the heist. 

Cath meets with Det. Yates and turns her down saying she's loved Baz since she was 16.

Baz goes to his dad's place and brings a bottle of booze. He brings up his crappy childhood and then tries to force Ray to drink.

J goes to Nicky to talk to her and tell her to stay away from his family, including her dad. She tells him she slept with Craig.

J's fire trick worked as the money is moved to the other building. Paul oversees this move.

Baz is having breakfast with Cath and Lena when he gets the call that it's time to move. As soon as Baz leaves, she starts packing.

Smurf is cleaning when Vin shows up. He still wants in, but she threatens him and he runs off.

The guys gear up to go to the base. They are in line, waiting.

Jay goes to Alexa. He's upset about everything. 

Animal Kingdom
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Animal Kingdom Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

We need you to do something for us.


Paul: Are you threatening me?
Baz: No. Never. Because you want this. You want what's on the other side.