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Smurf meets with an old friend who was beat up for whatever job they did years ago. He wants Smurf to pay what he wants.

J is working on his leg, watching Nicky in the other room. She gets a phone call and he can't see her. Lena is looking for Smurf and he offers to make her waffles. 

Craig is in jail when he is released for making bail. Nicky bailed him out using her dad's credit card. He tells her about what happened. They drive past the place where he flipped his bike and she kicks him out of the car.

Smurf is back home. She tells J that she needs him today. She wants him to bring his gun. Smurf drops off Lena at Baz's place. Baz gives her a cut. She's not impressed and leaves.

Pope visits Amy at the church. The cops are there asking questions. She's freaked out because of her past. He drives her home. But before he gets in the car, he sees a bunch of specialized cops go into the church.

Smurf and J are driving and he thinks someone is following them. They pull into a storage facility. The boys don't know about it. She orders J to wait by the truck and honk if anyone comes up the ramp.

Deran goes to a business association meeting while Pope and Baz go to the bar. Baz talks to Pope about Amy and Pope tells him he not only likes Amy, he likes the church too. Baz doesn't know what to say. He's not happy. Pope leaves.

Deran is at the meeting grabbing some coffee and talking to the administrator. Deran doesn't want to pay the fee and the guy tells him he'll be in trouble if he doesn't pay. Dearn refuses.

Smurf and J arrive back home. She's got $300,000 in a bag. J figures out what things are about and starts asking questions. Smurf answers some of the questions, but she wants him to leave. She wants to do the job herself. She takes off. 

Baz is passing out money at the bar and they're talking business. Craig shows up at the bar looking for food. The guys want to launder the money through the bar. Deran refuses. Baz is not happy.

Smurf is with the guy from earlier. She tells him the boys aren't coming, that it's just them. The guy pulls the gun on her. He's Craig's father. He ties her up and takes the money. He's angry that she never paid him money. She threatens him.

Pope is burning checks from the church in a beach trash can. Baz calls J and then the cops pull him over. It's a friend of Catherine's. He threatens Baz telling him he will find out what happened to her.

At the motel where Smurf is tied up she looks around for ways to save herself. She's able to get to the room phone. 

J is trying to get hold of Smurf with no luck. Nicky comes out looking for her and asks J if he'll help her with chemistry. 

Smurf calls Pope.

Craig gets himself together and applies for a job but then sticks up a guy to get his pee for the drug test. How dumb. He goes back to the bar. Deran tries to give him money but Craig won't take it. Craig tells him what happened and that Nicky bailed him out. And then tells him he got a job as a caterer.

Pope shows up at the motel and frees her, then leaves.

Javi is still waiting for Smurf at the beach. He's with friends then they leave. 

J is tutoring Nicky. Nicky figures out about the church job and starts asking J lots of questions. J doesn't tell her anything. She figures out why J broke up with her. She tells him she wants to do jobs with them, then they start kissing and going at it. 

Javi's people arrive at the house. Nicky hides in the closet. They are looking all over the house for money. Stupid J tries to get his gun and he's caught. Nicky sees the whole thing. They are beating up on J. He claims no one else is in the house and one of Javi's guys goes and checks out the bedroom. He looks in the closet, but Nicky is gone. 

Javi wants to know where Smurf keeps the money and they water torture him. Nicky goes and gets the automatic. J finally remembers where some money is and they let him out. Nicky puts up a good fight but the guys catch her. Javi is very upset and holds him under water again. They are torturing him and threaten to kill Nicky. he tells Javi about the storage and Javi takes off with Nicky.

Pope and Smurf pull up and see the mess. They go through the house and find no one. Smurf sees J and he's completely out of it, but he tells them about Javi. Nicky gets thrown out of the van, but she doesn't know where she's at. They left her at Trailhead and Ash which obviously means something. It's where they buried Javi's father. Nicky is completely freaking out and Smurf is just pissed.

Animal Kingdom
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