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Craig is partying it up in Vegas with Renn.

Deran is working at the bar when his boyfriend comes in. They talk in the back. He tells Deran he's leaving. He kisses Deran then leaves.

Baz is looking through one of the suitcases and finds Smurf's passports and some pictures in an envelope labeled "Blackwell."It looks like someone has been tortured. Lucy comes out and tells Baz to come to bed. They discuss things while Smurf listens on the device she put in his house.

Pope is with Amy. He finds a toothbrush for him and goes to the living room to ask her about it and finds her crying. She just talked to her brother about her son and she's upset.She invites him to come to her son's baseball game on Saturday. He agrees to go.

Nicky is with J telling him about Craig's drugged up texting. He's breaking up with her via text. She's worried about having to move, but J tells her he'll talk to Smurf.

J sees Smurf going outside and investigates. She's digging money up she's hidden. Her emergency fund. He digs it up for her and she tells him about the storage unit being ripped off by Baz. She gives him a wad of cash and tells him to lay off the credit cards until she fixes things.

Marco barges into Craig's motel and wakes him up. He's in bed with a bunch of girls. He was supposed to meet Marco an hour ago. Craig doesn't know who any of these people are who are with him. He doesn't even know where he is. When he was high he agreed to do a job with Marco. He doesn't even remember what he agreed to. He checks out the car and there's someone locked in the trunk.

Pope is meditating in the hills remembering things about Catherine and Lena. 

Nicky wakes J up and asks him to drive her to school. He agrees. They leave and Baz shows up. J tells him that Smurf knows. He gives J some cash from Smurf's haul. J gets into the car to drive Nicky to school. Baz goes in the house and finds Lena rolling out pie dough with Smurf. They talk about the stolen cash. He threatens her and demands she hand over some buildings and he'll leave her with his family.

Pope is watching the police guy investigating Catherine's death and follows him. 

Craig barges into the bar with the guy Marco had in the trunk. He takes him into the back room. They tie him to a chair. The kid threatens them asking them if they know who his father is. Once again Craig screws up. They can't get hold of Marco to find out what's going on. The kid tells him a story of when he was young and what happened to the people who kidnapped him. Marco finally calls and gives the 411 on the kid, but it's probably a lie. 

Baz takes Lena to school. She's concerned that Baz is going to leave her. She heard him talking to Lucy. She tells him she'll be quiet and he claims he doesn't get mad at her when she's loud. He tells her the babysitter is going to pick her up and she runs off without saying goodbye.

J gets home and Smurf has a visitor. It's Morgan who tells J he looks like his mother. Morgan is there to see J. She tells J that Baz was her power of attorney and they want to make him her power of attorney instead. They sign the papers.

Pope approaches the detective at the gas station. They have a confrontation. He tells Pope that Catherine wasn't a confidential informant and that he's going to find out what happened to Catherine. Pope storms off.

Nicky is done with school and J is waiting for him. He has a new truck and he invites her to go for a ride.

Baz heads to a junkyard to talk with his dad. He wants to tell Baz that he's been sober for three months and has a job. Baz shows him a picture and the dad tells a story about what Smurf did. Baz says he's never going to see him again.

Deran gives the kid some food and unties him so he can eat. The boy is the son of a cop. There's a knock at the door. It's Renn. Craig looks bothered that Renn showed up. She's there to pick up her money she fronted him. 11 grand. He chartered a private plane. He tells her he doesn't have it on him and he'll give it to her later. She leaves.

Deran is pissed off. He shakes Craig down. They argue. Deran tells Craig he's out as soon as he has enough money to buy the bar. Craig gets a text of where to drop the kid off but when they go to the back room they find him gone and go chasing after him. They catch him. He tells them the truth about what's going on. Apparently he's going to be killed.

Smurf gets home and pulls out a suitcase with hidden jewelry when Pope comes in and tells her that Catherine wasn't a CI. He confronts her and breaks down because of what he did. Smurf tries to comfort him but he pulls away and storms off. 

Nicky and J are at the beach and they get it on.

Smurf shows up at her jewelry dealer's house. The jewels are from the yacht heist. She tells the woman she's got a problem and needs cash to solve it.

Baz is walking on the boardwalk and makes a call to the San Diego Sheriff's Department.

Pope shows up at Amy's place. He asks her if forgiveness is possible. He starts crying and tells her he killed Catherine. She's not accepting of it. Oh boy. The one person he thought he could depend on turns on her. Forgiveness is not possible. He leaves.

Deran and Craig are at an oil refinery with the kid locked in the trunk, waiting. Marco shows up. They watch as the guys with Marco take the kid out of the trunk and put him into another car. He's screaming and crying. Marco gives them a wad of cash. 

Lucy shows up and she's not happy. Lucy is a kingpin.

Smurf gets pulled over and she's got a wad of cash she hides. Another cop shows up while she's looking for the right passport in her glove box.

Baz shows up at the house and throws the pie Smurf made into the garbage while enjoying a beer.




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