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Smurf is being photographed at the police station and full body searched.

There is a party at Smurf's house. It seems that Baz put the party on.

Lucy shows up at the party and approaches Deran and Craig about the job then finds Baz. She tells him that he's in charge. Then the babysitter shows up with Lena and Lucy takes her away. She wants Baz to find Pope.

Pope is somewhere and loads a gun.

Back at the house Nicky is making herself all sexy, then tells J that she wants him now. They go to his bedroom and they get it on.

Baz goes to Amy's place looking for Baz. She doesn't answer the door, but then she does and tells him Pope goes to the desert sometimes and that's all she knows.

Everywhere Lena goes there are partying people and no dad. She takes the little scooter and almost gets killed by a truck backing out, but someone saves her.

Baz puts a gun to his head when his phone buzzes. It's about Lena. J had texted him and he calls back. Lena tells him what happened. 

Pope gets to the party and he is pissed. The party is over. He kicks everyone out.

Baz gets back. Pope goes after him. Pope wants to know where Smurf is and Baz tells them she's in jail.

Baz shows his brothers everything about what Smurf has done. He kicked Nicky and Lucy out and Nicky is not happy.

J gets a call from Smurf and she tells him what she wants. Baz is suspicious.

Pope meets with an investor. He's been saving for Lena or someone.

J heads to the surveillance cameras to get the footage Smurf requested. The files have all been deleted. He gets Nicky and they leave. Baz is still suspicious.

Baz finds out that J now has the power of attorney when he goes to try to sell the property. He's not happy.

Pope breaks into a car and takes off. He goes to Principal Pacific and arms himself with two guns. He's on a bank robbery spree.

Smurf is meeting with her lawyer. She's upset, but she's faking it. 

Craig and Deran are talking about what to do. Craig wants to go to Fiji until everything blows over. Deran says no because of the bar.

Deran decides they should visit Smurf because he doesn't want her to think they're on Baz's side.

Pope takes all the money to his investment buddy who doesn't want to deposit it because it's too much.

J and Nicky are on their way to jail to see Smurf. J goes in alone. He tells her that the files were deleted. Then she tells him she'll be out soon and that he should stall and hold Baz off for a little while.

J gets all he needs from the lawyer to be power of attorney.

Deran and Craig visit Smurf. She's playing them against Baz.

J and Nicky get home. Lucy wants to see J alone. She wants to know if he's okay. Lucy gives the impression that Baz is J's mom.

Pope picks up Lena from school. 

Baz is looking through smurf's things when Deran and Craig show up. They want their cut immediately. They tell him that Smurf called them from jail. They tell them they know about J being power of attorney. Baz gives them money.

Pope and Lena visit Smurf in jail. Smurf is not happy about Lena. 

Deran and Craig are at the bar talking about Smurf. Craig is freaked out.

Lucy offers Nicky some coke and they leave so Baz can talk to J. Baz lies about seeing Smurf's lawyer. J says nothing.

Smurf heads to her cell. 









Animal Kingdom
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Animal Kingdom Season 2 Episode 12 Quotes

Pope: Where's Smurf, man?
Baz: Smurf's in jail.
Pope: What?
Baz: Yeah. Jail.

Do you ever wonder what it would have been like if we were born into a different family?