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Some guys are breaking into a sports car dealership and take off with three sports cars. It's Deran who's running his own job with some other guys.

J is at home. There's a party at the house. He's trying to take care of the bills.

Smurf is in her cell thinking.

Deran arrives back at the bar and hides the bag of money in a safe.

Pope is at Baz's place when Lena comes into the living room asking to watch TV. Pope lets her watch it for 30 minutes even if it's 2:00 in the morning.

Back at the bar, Deran's boyfriend is asking Deran about Baz. Then they start talking but Deran is lying to him about the family. He's going to leave but then they get frisky in the bar.

Craig is surfing by himself. He gets back to te house where Renn is showering outside. He gets in the shower with her.

Pope is eating cereal waiting for Lena. She doesn't want to go to school, but Pope insists she go. If she misses too much school the school will call DCFS. He's being such a good foster dad. Lena tells him that someone wants to talk to him from the school. She gives him a note. Something happened, but she doesn't want to otalk about it.

Back at the bar, Deran is making breakfast for him and the boyfriend.

J is at the lawyer's office and gets another two bills that he's not going to be able to pay. He tries to come up with ways to try make more money. She suggests a way to come up with the cash by selling her some of the properties, but J says no. He doesn't trust her.

Lucy shows up at Baz's place. Pope is there, too. She gives Pope the police file. She's doing a good job faking it. He tells her the cops are still looking for her. She asks about Smurf.

Pope pulls out a gun while Lucy goes to get her stuff. The letter from Lena's school is about her getting bullied at school. Lucy asks about it. Lucy is asking lots of questions. It seems that Pope is staying at Baz's house with Lena.

Some chick is talking to Smurf about a job. Smurf basically ignores her. Meanwhile, there's a fight going on elsewhere.

The guys from the car job bang on the bar's door. They tell Deran that one of the other guys got picked up. He's not happy.

It's party palace at the Cody house. Renn is flirting with some guy when Craig grabs her and takes her inside. When he gets to the bedroom he finds some kid going through his stuff. No one claims the boy. Craig gives him some money then throws him in the pool.

Deran has the guy who was picked up in the car. He bailed him out of jail. Deran is going somewhere in the desert. The guy is apologizing profusely but Deran isn't talking.

J visits Smurf. She asks about Pope and she warns him to stay out of his way. She yells them about the gang bangers and that he needs to pay them. He tells her what's going on with the bills. She gives him some more orders. She knows about J's stash.

When he leaves the gangster chick is there waiting for him. She wants to know where the money is. He tells her he'll have it in a couple of hours but she decides to hang with him until he gets it.

Deran stops in the desert with that guy.  He tells him to get out. He orders the guy to get on the ground. He threatens him and shoots off into the distance.

The girl questions J about his $40 grand truck and tells him he shouldn't be late on a payment if he's got such an expensive truck.

Deran is at the beach with his boyfriend. He thinks his boyfriend should be on the surf tour. The guy thinks differently. Deran tells him that he'll sponsor the boyfriend for the tour. The boyfriend is unsure. 

Smurf is meeting with the lady lawyer. She's not happy. When the lady tells her what's happening, Smurf figures out that Pearce is trying to make a Rico case against her.

Craig and Renn are in bed when the music stops outside. Craig investigates and it's the father of the boy Craig threw in the pool. He's complaining about the noise and throws a bag of coke in front of Craig. Renn tries to calm the situation but the guy and his crew beat up Craig.

J stops by the house where he's stashed cash. He tells the girl to stay in the car but she doesn't and they go into the house for a beer.

Pope talks to Lena about school and why she needs to go. He's going to send her to a new school.

It's a very uncomfortable situation at J's friend's house. The girl is asking lots of questions about J's mom.The girl tries to make conversation with J about their moms and how they died.

J goes to the bathroom and retrieves money. They leave after a while. In the truck, the girl gets frisky with J.

In jail, Smurf asks about Alvarez, the girl who gave her information about a job.

J gets home and there's a ton of boxes waiting outside the gates. Nicky comes out asking where he's been, and he tells her to stop spending money. She questions him about the sports dealership job and asks if the other Codys would do it without him.

J is late for dinner with Lena and Pope is pissed. Craig's not there. Deran is about to leave when J brings up the dealership job. Deran admits to it and Pope is even more pissed.

J tells them about the state of financial affairs and wants a cut of Deran's take. When they tell J the money is spent that Baz gave them, J tells them they have to pull a job.

Craig walks in with Renn all banged up and tells them that someone stole all his shit. Apparently they weren't at Smurf's house but somewhere else.





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Oh, c'mon, baby. I know you have your own stash. My boys never missed a meal. Not you, baby. You have gone hungry. You have slept in cars, just like me. You have a Plan B.


I'm the nice one.