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Flashback to the night Baz was shot. We see the person responsible for the shooting. Well, hell.it was Mia.

In jail Smurf starts talking business with the girl who told her about the job.She gives Smurf all the details. They discuss the split.

J grabs a gun as Nicky comes out of the washroom. She wants to go along, but he says no. She tells him that she's been on the shooting range. He's impressed, but he leaves without her anyway. She asks for money and he gives her some.

Pope is at Lena's new school. She's nervous about going in. She gets out of the car and goes in as Pope watches.

Craig gets out of bed. Renn is there. Nicky interrupts them looking for some drugs, but he doesn't have any. Renn leaves.

J meets up with Mia. She tells him they're late. She tells him if he wants an extension, he's got to do something with her at 4 p.m.

Craig is helping Deran out. He asks about Deran's haircut. Deran tells Craig he's not going to J's job meeting. Craig's going surfing. He asks Deran for money, but Deran doesn't want to. Craig thinks it has to do with him going Mexico.

The safety crossing guard at Lena's school checks with Pope to see why he's sticking around. He doesn't want to leave, and he has no intention of moving. Then he leaves after she pushes him a bit more. he's not happy.

Craig starts looking through the house for money. He finds some drugs instead and snorts what's left before continuing to look. He's not successful, but he finally finds some in a book, but it's not much. Nicky tells him that J took all the stash piles. She asks what happened in Mexico. They have a conversation. She tells him that Deran doesn't want her there and that Pope is pissed because she throws too many parties. Then he leaves.

Pope goes into Baz's garage and starts looking at Baz's truck trying to recreate the scene from the police file Lucy got him.

Nicky is taking the car through the car wash when she runs into an old friend, Sarah. She tells the girl she's been living with J and about her college life. The girl won't go away and keeps asking questions. She ends up inviting herself over to Nicky's house for a party.

J heads over to Baz's place and sees Pope working on Baz's truck. Pope tells J that he's cleaning the truck up so that he can give it to Lena when she grows up. J talks about the money situation. Pope has a job idea but it's flipping iPhones. J tells him he's got an idea and runs it by Pope. He tells J they can check it out but not until after they clean up Baz's car.

Craig visits a friend looking for money he lent to the guy. He wants it back now. The guy goes to get money but ends up taking off. Craig starts chasing after him.

They're running across roofs of an apartment building. Craig tackles him but the the guy falls over the roof and Craig can't hold on to him because he was holding him by his bad shoulder. The guy dies.

Craig ends up at Deran's place getting his arm put back into place. He tells Deran what happened. Deran wants to take Craig to the hospital.

J takes Pope to his proposed job to rob a store.

Pope tells J that Deran hates him. Pope asks a lot of questions about the job and wants J to find out more details.

Smurf is getting a tattoo of Baz on her forearm. She starts talking to the girl about the job again. She says she wants 70 percent. Then she tries to get it to a 50/50 split. The girl walks away.

Craig and Deran are at the hospital. Craig recognizes the nurse who is checking him out as someone he went to high school with. It's a weird observation as the guy is doing it in the waiting room instead of a private room.

Nicky is at some guy's house snorting coke. he plays music for her. He's a DJ. She starts dancing around. He likes what he sees.

J is with Mia at one of her places to meet with the head gangster about the extension. He gives J a hard time and then almost welcomes him into the family by offering him a drink. He's not getting the extension.

J and Mia are getting frisky again.  Meanwhile, Nicky is still hanging out with that guy, but she gets up to leave. Dylan wants money, but she tells him she can't pay right now. He wants a blow job in exchange for the drugs and she puts the drugs down but he still won't let her leave without some sort of payment.

After he's done with Mia, J gets a call from Nicky that she's in trouble with a dealer. He asks Mia to drive him. Brazen!

Craig and Deran are still at the hospital. Deran leaves jsut as Renn shows up. Craig gives her a little bit of money for the new place but she tells him that she's getting a new place with Jennifer. The nurse comes out and Craig goes into the room. He's very disappointed about Renn.

Smurf gets a small ball of something from someone in the prison line.

J shows up at the drug dealer's place. He won't let her go until he has the money. J tells him who he is and they leave. The guy follows them out of the house and Mia comes at the guy with a gun and smashes him in the head. Dumb Nicky gets all friendly with her.

Pope visits Deran's bar to confront him about them not answering J's phone calls. Deran doesn't want to do a job with J. Pope talks to him about family and duties to family.

Deran wants to pay him 25 grand but Pope says its all about family.

Craig and Deran are in an animal control truck. They're breaking into someone's house and destroy it. They drink beer after they're done in the messed up living room and talk about stuff. Craig tells him about Renn. Then they let a whole bunch of cats out of their cages and into the house.

Nicky finds J in the shower. She is all goofy and thanks him for saving her from giving the guy a blowjob. J is acting strange and Nicky doesn't pick up the clues. J wants a badass and Nicky's not her.

Nicky goes back outside to her party. J watches the party from the kitchen. Nicky is alone outside. Mia comes in and grabs herself a beer. J is conflicted about Nicky and Mia. She tells J that she needs a place to crash and says she'll crash at his house. J isn't comfortable but she's going to do it anyway.

Smurf set up that girl with a balloon of heroin. That's what she got from the other prisoner. Now the woman is out of the picture so she can have the entire cut.

Pope sets fire to Baz's car on the beach.




Animal Kingdom
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Animal Kingdom Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Craig: What the hell happened to your hair?
Deran: Just wanted a change.
Craig: A change to what? Looking like the produce manager at some Safeway?

Crossing Guard: Is there a problem, sir?
Pope: [shakes head no]
Crossing Guard: Okay, then you need to move along.
Pope: My niece goes to this school, and this is her first day her and I promised her I'd be right here when she got out.
Crossing Guard: I appreciate that, sir, but you need to go now and come back after school's done.
Pope: Why?
Crossing Guard: Because a grown man sitting outside an elementary school is creepy.