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Smurf is talking about the last job with the boys, counting money.

Craig goes and sits with Pope to talk about what happened.

J gives Smurf money and leaves.

Flashback to Smurf's younger life. There's an argument and Smurf goes and checks it out. Somebody is getting beat up until the boss orders it to stop. The guy who did it has a thing for young Smurf even though she already has a boyfriend.

Adrian turns down money Deran gives him and tells him he got a new sponsorship.

Craig goes home and meets up with Frankie. He invites her to crash at his place. She only wanted to drop off an outfit for him to wear to an event and tells him where and when to meet him.

A detective visits J at the bowling alley about Morgan's death. The detective tells J cameras caught him at the pier the day Morgan died.

He tells Mia not to let any of her friends hang around the bowling alley anymore after he finds her step broher in his office.

J is at Deran's bar. He wants to talk about Pope and how he charged the cops. Craig suggests Deran hire Pope to work at the bar. Deran isn't keen on the idea.

Flashback. Colin comes into Smurf's bedroom and tells her hey need to ditch the car.

Craig gets a call from Smurf. She wants some of his stash and he tells her where it is.

Pope is boxing in the back. She gets the stash and pops one. before Pope sees. She goes to talk to him and he loses it.

Colin is driving with Smurf to dump the car. He wants to know about Smurf and why she's there. They dump the car over the cliff jumping out in the process. She thinks it's the greatest thing and they get together.

J goes into the house and Smurf tells him a detective stopped by. He tells her why he visited. She's surprised and wants to know details. She tells him she can fix it.

Adrian is visited by Tim, his drug contact when Deran shows up. He's a little suspicious.

Mia's boyfriend is back at the bowling alley. They are in cahoots together.

Adrian meets with the DEA agent and tells him about the drug deal and tells the cop that Deran Cody is his roommate.

Angela shows up at Smurf's gate looking for Julia and Pope. Smurf gives her a hundred bucks to leave. She does.

Craig shows up at the event with Frankie. They make a deal for a job with a billionaire. They're supposed to steal a sculpture for 800 grand. They will need to involve the other guys.

Smurf tells J that she fixed his detective problem. She warns him to keep her in the loop before anything bad happens again.

Angela is staking out Smurf's house and when she leaves she visits once again. Pope answers the door.She gives him a hug.

Smurf meets with the detective who Smurf set up to find out if J really killed Morgan.

Angela and Pope talk about Julia and catch up. She just got out of prison a couple of days ago. She asks about J.

Frankie joins the boys at the beach party. Craig tells them about the job he did with her and the new job coming up. Craig wants to keep it from Smurf. Adrian excuses himself.

Tim sets himself on fire before jumping in the beach.

Smurf gets home and finds Angela there. She's not happy especially when she finds out Pope offered to let her crash on the couch. Now, Smurf is very nice in a sarcastic kind of way. And Angela gives it right back by offering to pay with the hundred bucks Smurf gave her earlier.

Flashback. Smurf and Colin get back to the house and people are already suspicious about Colin and Angela. Colin joins Smurf in he shower while Jake watches them go in together.

Smurf turns off the lights and goes to bed but she's in pain and passes out in the hallway.






Animal Kingdom
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Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 2 Quotes

Adrian: This is only going to work if we're equals.
Darren: What are you talking about? We are equals. You're just broke.

You trying to die, man? 'Cause I'm not.