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Young Smurf is at a pool party.

Current Smurf is at the doctor getting an MRI.

Craig, Frankie and Deran are checking out the place that has the sculpture. It's huge and weighs three tons.

J is at an investment firm checking out shelters for his money.

Pope is making breakfast when Angela joins him. She talks about old times and asks about why Pope still lives with Smurf. Then she talks about J and Julia. Pope isn't saying much. She leaves.

Smurf's brain scan is over and asks the tech what's up but she won't say.

Jake is upset about Smurf's relaionship with Colin.

Mia is with Tupi and a friend at breakfast. The friend apparently had a relationship witth Mia. They are planning a job.

Craig and company are coming up with a plan on how to get the sculpture.

Mia picks up J and yells at her for not doing the stuff he asked her to do.

Deran tells Pope he'd like to offer him a job at the bar as a cleaner.

Mia has J take her to Tupi's friend's house where she shoots him. J is freaked out.

Deran is looking over paperwork when there is noise in the kitchen. Pope is cleaning up and finds a mouse in the fryer.

Young Smurf is smoking pot with Colin.

Smurf is at the pier and pays a guy $100 for a fish she wans left on the pier. It's still alive and flopping around. Then she walks away.

Young Smurf is driving and closing her eyes and the car keeps going off the road. She's high. Colin had warned her tha he pot she had might be laced with angel dust. She ends up crashing into a tree.

She has a case of beer and starts walking.

Angela greets J and tells him he's going to Mexico but she's joking. She tells him Pope said she chould stay there. She also tells him she's clean.  is a little freaked out.

Adrian is packing for a trip. 

J is upset about Angela and confronts Pope. Smurf gets home and goes to sleep.

Young Smurf finally arrives at the party.

Craig creates a ruckus at the sculpture.

Colin confronts Young Smurf about stealing from him. He shoots her but shoots at the window instead. She starts making out with Colin in front of everyone.

Angela tells Pope about a job and about ripping off Julia.

Craig comes back and tells Frankie about what he did and why.

Tupi comes into the garage and tells the group about Joe. Mia tries to calm him down. Tupi wants Mia to help find who killed Nacho and tells her if she doesn't help he's going to kill J.

Angela joins Pope in his bedroom.

Frankie tells Craig that the sculpture is being moved just as he protected.

Smurf asks J about Angela.

Craig tells Deran and J about the plan for the sculpture. They decide to tell Pope about the job.

Smurf gets a call from the doctor. It sounds like cancer.







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Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 3 Quotes

Look at us. Together again.


I have a hard time falling asleep when I'm the only one in the room. Only good thing about prison.