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Janine is driving with Colin. He's teaching her how to do wheelies. She loves it. He's sort of impressed.

Pope is at the hospital with Smurf when the doctor comes out. He tells Pope that Smurf has cancer. Pope is visibly shocked and upset.

J is watching Mia and gets a gun and approaches her. He's pissed about the house. She threatens to tell his family about what he's doing on the side. Then he leaves.

Renn is pregnant. Craig makes her breakfast. She tells him she's going house hunting. He asks if she's still got a coke connection and she brings him out some coke.

Deran meets with an old friend.

Pope brings Smurf home. He tells Smurf he knows about her cancer because she asked the doctor to. She doesn't wan him telling his brothers anything.

Flashback. Two guys are talking about Colin and his issues. The guy in charge likes Janine.

J tells Deran about the rich kid at the party.

The guys are watching Adrian compete on television. Adrian wins the qualifying event.

Smurf gets home and goes off on Angela. Angela decides she's going to leave. Pope tries to convince her to stay. He insists that she stays. Then he tells Smurf she's staying. Angela overhears Pope talking to Smurf about keeping his mouth shut.

J goes to his rich girlfriend's house.

Angela sets up shop in Craig's old room. She's working on Pope who's falling for it.

Craig mees up with Frankie in a restaurant. She has money for him. He takes it but it's not all the money owed him.

Frankie has another job but Craig isn't interested. She tries to convince him to do another job but he's still pissed that he hasn't been paid enough.

At J's new girlfriend's house, they finish studying and then have sex until her mom interrupts but then they go to her bedroom.

Craig is upset and tells Renn about Frankie. Renn thinks his work with Frankie was about sex.

Pope is cleaning the garage when Smurf comes in to tell him that everybody dies. Pope tells her he doesn't care. Smurf is very upset at his words.

He goes into Angela's room. She starts questioning Pope about Smurf's medical issues. Then they kiss and have sex. Smurf knows what's going on as she stands by the door.

J wakes up and talks to Olivia's mom. She's like a jewelry/art person and J sees an opportunity. She offers him a job to help out.

Adrian gets back to the bar to celebrate his win.

Flashback. Colin tells the group that Janine has an idea for a job and she tells them. They're not interested.

Frankie visits Smurf. She gives her a load of cash. They talk about Billy. And then Frankie tells Smurf about the sculpture job and about upcoming jobs.

Smurf is pissed.

Deran meets up with Pope at the bar. Deran asks about Smurf and they talk about her. Adrian comes in. Adrian knows something wrong. Deran confronts him about Adrian's drug plans. Adrian goes off.

Renn brings groceries and takes care of putting them away for her.

Flashback. The boss guy talks about a house they're going to stay at. There's a conflict between Colin and Jake. Colin doesn't want to go with the other guys and then they decide to go south like Colin wants.

The boys are at Smurf's for a BBQ. She tells them she knows about the job with Frankie. She wants a cut. She's also pissed that they didn't get all the money they were owed.

Afterwards, the rest of the guys are pissed. Craig accuses Pope of telling Smurf and they get into it. They fight. J and Deran break it up. Then they go looking for the guy who owes them money.

Adrian goes to the DEA's office. The guy says somone wants to talk to him and it's Det. Pierce who has questions about Deran.

The guys follow the rich guy.

Pope and J are waiting and Pope almost tells J about Smurf. The guys catch up with the billionaire and leave him in the road with a broken leg after taking his watch.

Flashback. Janine is waiting for the boss guy to ask why he doesn't like her then kind of makes a move on him.

J is at the bowling alley and is attacked by Tupi when he leaves. Tupi pulls a gun but J gets it as Tupi runs away.

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Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 5 Quotes

I get it. Pregnant. Weird.


Jeanette: Hey. Admit it. I can drive.
Colin: Yeah? What about when the cops are chasing you?
Jeanette: Drive faster.