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Angela is watching as Smurf freaks out by the pool. She tells Pope that Smurf was sitting by the pool all night.

Smurf talks to Pope about a cat named Tank that Julia and Pope used to have when they were little. She's acting weird but he leaves for work.

Flashback. Smurf is talking to he guys about a new job. Then she goes to the tent she's sharing with Colin.

Mia is locked out of her house and calls J but he doesn't answer. J is at a shop trying to buy back his truck.

Angela talks to Smurf and asks her if she told her boys what Smurf did to Julia.

J, Craig, Pope and Deran are talking about the hijacking. J doesn't trust Frankie. Pope talks to J about Julia and what Smurf used to say about Julia and that he's sorry for not doing anything.

Smurf is at Adrian's house. She bought lasagna and is looking for Deran. Smurf asks what Adrian thinks the boys are doing for her birtthday. She wants to go on a trip with the boys. She's also acting strange. She thinks Deran hates her.

Pope tells Deran that all his burger meat has freezer burn. He wants to fix the freezer and buy new product.

J talks to Deran about not including Smurf in the job. He still doesn't trust Frankie.

Mia broke into J's house and tore it apart. She's not happy.

Tupi is breaking into his safe but Mia tells him it's just papers and they leave.

Deran meets with Colby about a job gone bad from before. Colby is giving Deran an update. Adrian comes out and tells Deran about Smurf's visit.

Flashback. Colin and Smurf leave the tent because something is happening outside - gunshots. They take off. Colin is acting crazy.

Frankie is with Craig when Smurf walks in. She wants coke.

J goes to a house party with his friends from college. 

Flashback. Smurf wakes up in the woods. Colin is skinning a rabbit. Colin talks about his experience in Vietnam but he was lying. They talk about their childhoods.

Smurf and Frankie talk about kids. Frankie can't have any.

Pope is in the garage when Angela shows up. She's nosy. He doesn't want her to leave. Then she tells him she had a crush on him when she was younger.

J is still at the house party. He fell asleep with the girl in his arms. He leaves for class.

Adrian is at the cops house where a photographer is taking pics of his surfboard.

Deran shows up at Craig's place. Deran questions Craig about Frankie. He thinks the job is going to go wrong but Craig assures him it won't.

Angela is watching TV while Smurf brings lemonade to workers who are painting Lena's room.

The DEA guy comes in and talks to Adrian about the plan. He tells Adrian he knows about Deran and who he is.

J and Deran prepare to hijack the truck carrying the sculpture.

There are two guys following the truck but hey are stopped while the hijack happens. They have a GPS on the truck. while Deran, Craig, and Pope get the truck and take off. The boys have no idea the truck has GPS on it. The guys following continue to follow the truck.

Craig takes the truck to a waiting Frankie. The buyer takes the truck but it's still being followed by the GPS. However, J pulled a fast one and stuck the GPS in another car.

Frankie tells Craig they won't get paid for a couple of days. He's upset. She's pissed at him for questioning her.

He meets with her later and she gives him $40k and will give him more later. She claims she's not screwing her.

Smurf is vomiting in the bathroom. She brushes her teeth and spits out blood.

Flashback. Colin and Smurf bring the skinned rabbit back to camp. The other guys laugh at Colin when he leaves and Smurf tells them off.

J arrives home to find the state of his house. He knows it was Mia.

He goes to the safe and finds that everything is in there.

Craig is playing video games when Renn knocks on the door. Craig is surprised. She wants to crash at his place for the night.

Colby is at Deran's bar. Colby wants to talk about Adrian and his failures at surfing. Colby also wants in on whatever job they're doing and threatens Deran.

Pope gets back to the house and Angela is nosy again. Pope finds that his room is painted and he's pissed. He goes to look for Smurf and finds her passed out in he bathroom. Is she even breathing?







Animal Kingdom
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Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 4 Quotes

You know, Angela. Pope has been getting his brains smashed in for months. He can be quite unpredictable -- especially if he likes you.


Vodka belongs in the freezer.