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  • Deran is surfing in the morning and when he's done, Livengood is waiting for him to talk about Adrian and trackin him down in Asia. He asks Deran if he knows who is sending him money.
  • Livengood is breathing down his neck and threatening Deran under the guise of aiding and abetting. He tells him he has a short window to actually help them. 
  • Renn is gone and Craig is on baby duty.
  • Deran is frustrated with following J's lead, and he voices it to Craig when he wonders when they'll be moving the coke. 
  • Pope is in handcuffs with a head injury. Two cops debtate what to do with him since it seems that he doesn't know who he is, what he did, or how he got there. One cop tells the young rookie from earlier, Chadwick,  to play by the rules and that Pope needs to be taken in and a psych eval.
  • Deran goes to talk to J and susses out when they'll be moving the coke. J is being evasive with him, and Deran is frustrated. He tells J that they need to go see what he's been hiding from all of them.
  • They go to the bowling alley. Deran tells J he wants the combination to the safe, that they need to store the drugs there, and he and the others need access to everything. He takes a cut of the petty cash there too.
  • Smurf is having sex with Jake when Pope is spying on them before Julia drags him out and reminds him that they aren't supposed to go inside when their mother has friends over. 
  • Deran rolls up on Pete and tries to make a power play, but it doesn't work. He finds out that J already talked to Pete, and Pete isn't trying to get involved with family things.
  • Pope snaps out of it at the hospital and tries to leave, but Dr. Franklin stops him and asks him some questions. She says he was was wondering around talking to himself, bleeding, and knocking on random doors. 
  • He's on involuntary psych hold.
  • Officer Chadwick comes to the house looking for Deran and ends up telling J that Pope is in the hospital.
  • Craig leaves Nick with a guy he hits it off with at the surf shop because he's good with kids. 
  • Deran goes to the bowling alley and opens up the safe. He takes the money and Pamela's information. 
  • Pope talks to Dr. Franklin about Smurf dying. 
  • Dr. Franklin tells Pope that he's suffering from Dissociative Fugue and should talk to someone and remove himself from stressors that remind him of Smurf's death.
  • She offers to admit him for 24 hours if he wants to talk more, and he agrees. 
  • Craig goes to talk to Frankie when Deran tells him that J and Frankie are talking about moving Smurf's asset for more cash. Craig negotiates that she only gets two percent and she agrees. 
  • Smurf offers Manny and Jake a job to steal ATM's
  • J comes to pick up Pope and even though Pope volunteered to stay at first, he leaves with J. J tells him about Deran and says they all need to stick together. Pope mentions things about shrinks getting in your head. They look for Pope's truck but don't find it, and Pope tells J to leave him and he'll be fine. It's the former lot he, Julia, and Smurf used to live when they first moved to Oceanside.
  • He bumps into a lady who asks if he ever found his sister who he was looking for during his fugue state. 
  • Deran waits ouside Pamela's house until she gets home. She isn't surprised when he walks up on her. She said the neighbors told her that a white guy was sitting outsid eof her house waiting and she figured he was one of Janine's kids. She asks which one he is and tells him to help with groceries.
  • Smurf and the guys steal the ATM. 
  • J tells Pete that they can't hold onto the coke anymore. Pete says it'll cost him. He negotiates down to ten percent
  • Deran tries to lay down threats and negotiate with Pamela, but she's unrattled and tells him that he and the boys can earn things back if they're as good as he claims. 
  • J has a party and hooks up with Nicki's old friend. 
  • Deran wonders if everything with Pete is handled. J tells him all is good. 
  • Craig has a monster truck run over the scooters. 
  • After a party goer helps him remove his bracelet and answers the question he asks her, an angry Pope tells J that he shouln't have shot Smurf in front of them.
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Animal Kingdom Season 5 Episode 4 Quotes

How much longer do you want to keep doing what J says?


Livengood: Somebody's been sending him money down there too. Any idea who that might be?
Deran: Nope.
Livengood: Huh. You know aiding and abetting is easy grounds for a search warrant. He'll get tired of it down there, miss his family, friends, try to sneak back. Your window for playing ball with us is closing. Don't wanna miss you chance.