Arrested Development Season 2

"Righteous Brothers"

The model home the Bluth family lives in collapses; Tobias and Kitty run away together to Las Vegas.

"Spring Breakout"

Michael tries to check Lucille into rehab, but instead she ends up challenging Kitty to a drinking contest at spring break.

"Meat the Veals"

Michael introduces the family to Ann's parents, the Veals, to try and get them to turn disapprove of George Michael and Ann's pre-engagement.

"Sword of Destiny"

Gob performs the Sword of Destiny illusions as Gob's assistant; Michael is hospitalized with appendicitis.

"The Immaculate Election"

George Michael runs for class president against popular student, Steve Holt; Lindsay kicks Tobias out and he returns in costume as Mrs. Featherbottom.

"Motherboy XXX"

Ashamed of Buster's hook-for-a-hand, Lucille recruits George Michael for the 30th annual Motherboy contest.

"Hand to God"

Buster tries to come to terms with missing a hand; Michael tries to find a way out of raising Maggie's baby.

"Out on a Limb"

Gob's wife files for divorce; Michael learns his ex, Maggie, is pregnant.

"Ready, Aim, Marry Me"

Michael thinks Lucille 2, the majority stockholder of the Bluth Compay, is plotting with Stan Sitwell.

"Burning Love"

Michael persues his old high school crush and daughter of their competitor, Sally Sitwell; Lindsay tries to seduce a right-wing actor by wearing her mother's furs.

"Queen for a Day"

The Bluth Company's stock is unfrozen, and Michael sells some of his share to buy a Corvette and Tobias uses his to buy a gay club, "The Queen Mary."

"Switch Hitter"

Gob goes to work for the Bluth's biggest competitor, Stan Sitwell, and George Sr. believes he only recruited Gob for the softball team.

"Afternoon Delight"

Lindsay and George Michael attempt to bond at the annual Bluth Company Christmas party and sing a terrible karaoke choice.

George Sr. gets jealous over a budding relationship between Lucille and Oscar; The prosecutor shows up with new evidence in the case.

"Good Grief"

After Ice reveals that George Sr. died in Mexico, the family holds a wake.


Lucille hires a detective who locates George Sr. in Mexico; Michael goes to collect his father with George and Ann; Gob sends a bounty hunter to follow Michael.

"The One Where They Build a House"

Gob commits to building a model home in two weeks and the whole family helps; Lindsay buys a cream made from diamonds.

"The One Where Michael Leaves"

Michael and George Michael leave for Phoenix, but end up returning; Lindsay wants an open marriage sending Tobias to join the Blue Man Group.

Arrested Development
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Arrested Development Season 2 Quotes

Michael: Well, I better get over there before he brings the whole company down.
Lindsay: It's only been three hours. How much damage could he really do?
Narrator: In three hours, Gob had done $45,000 in damage.

Michael: How is he, doctor?
Doctor: It, uh, it looks like he's dead.
Lucille: Oh, my God!
Gob: Oh, little guy ... the tears aren't coming. The tears just aren't coming.