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Dinah Lance returns, claiming she has proof Sarah is still alive. 

Oliver prepares for his club, Verdant, to open.

Helena returns, looking for her father, leaving bodies in her wake.

Frank Bertinelli has worked out a deal for witness protection and Helena threatens Oliver's family for his help.

On the island, Oliver starts being helpful to Slade.

Helena uses Tommy as leverage against Oliver.

Oliver and Diggle protect Felicty from Helena.

Trouble starts between Laurel and Tommy because of what he knows and how he has to protect Oliver.

Thea gets Roy a job but he doesn't show up. When she confronts him and gets assaulted in his alley, he saves her.

Helena's father's transport was a setup to capture "The Hood" and "The Huntress."

Helena reveals Oliver as "The Hood" but Det. Lance and McKenna think she is goading them.

Thea kisses Roy to keep him from feeling the needle.

Oliver shows up at McKenna's worried she will be Helena's leverage.

Helena forced Felcity to hack the FBI database for Frank's safehouse information.

Helena shoots McKenna, but she survives.



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Arrow Season 1 Episode 17 Quotes

Yeah, congratulations Ollie. The club doesn't completely suck.


So you really believe this garbage your mother's selling about Sarah being alive on Fantasy Island?

Det. Lance