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Oliver tries to get Sebastian Blood to cancel his rally when bombs go off all over Starling City.

The Arrow is determined to find out who is in the skull mask.

Felicity has been in Central City spending time with Barry, who is in a coma after the STAR Labs explosion.

According to the news, there is no damage or radioactive fallout from the explosion.

Oliver is antsy and wondering if Felicity is back. He is full of pent up energy.

Oliver knows that the man in the skull mask has the Mirakuru and what it took to kill one guy who had been injected. He’s worried about 10, 100 or 1,000 men injected.

Flashback: Oliver, Slade and Sara bury Shado. Sara tells Oliver that after the men were experiments on with Mirakuru, they became deformed either in their bones or in their minds, and Oliver needed to look out for Slade.

Laurel is preparing for a date with Sebastian.

Oliver holds a campaign fundraiser for Sebastian blood at Verdant.

Someone declares war on Starling City by blowing up a building.

Flashback: While walking on the island, Slade pushes past Oliver intent on finding and taking out Ivo. He’s full of anger and rage. He picks up Oliver by the throat and holds him airborne when he won’t get out of his way.

Laurel gets Sebastian to open up about his past instead of just talking about being an orphan, including his connection to Cyrus Vance.

Laurel snoops on Blood’s desk and sees mail addressed to Maya Resik.

Thea tries to talk to Roy, but he brushes her off before saying he’s lucky.

When Roy is injured, Thea gets the first aid kit, but Roy likely knows he will be healed before she returns.

When The Arrow meets with Lance, Lance asks “What’s with the mask?” making one wonder why he can’t recognize his face.

As Lance and The Arrow are talking, another building explodes.

Oliver goes on a chase but loses him as the bomber is using technology above Felicity’s skills.

When Sebastian plans a unity rally that Moira calls “committing suicide” The Arrow pays him a visit asking him to call it off.

The bomber runs a shop that sells trains and goes by the name of Shrapnel.

Laurel suspects something is off about Sebastian, and Lance tells her he seems like a good guy and she should stop looking for something that will tell her otherwise.

Oliver reached Shrapnel’s place and is stuck in the cross-hairs.

Oliver successfully uses his bow to strike the electrical box and later stop the bomber.

A light pole falls and Roy saves Moira, making Thea question how.

Oliver apologizes to Felicity.

Flashback: Ivo attempts to contact Sara via the walkie saying he knows she has the Mirakuru. If she returns it, he will arrange safe passage for her and all of her friends off the island. If not, he will lay waste to the island and them in his attempt to find it. Sara looks for Slade and he is gone; with the Mirakuru.

Laurel visits Sebastian’s aunt Maya in the asylum. She seems to speak Japanese. Then Maya screams that Sebastian is the devil and the one who put her there by making everyone think she is insane because she saw him kill his father. Laurel realizes Maya is his mother.


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Arrow Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Sara: Ivo killed Shado. He’s the one that pulled the trigger.
Oliver: Because I chose to save you. He needs to know the truth

Diggle: I've just never seen you spooked like this before.
Oliver: That should tell you something.