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Arrow takes a Christmas gift to Capt. Lance in the form of a bound man. 

After making his delivery, Oliver is attacked. He wakes up in front of Nyssa. Nyssa delivers her father's message - deliver Sara's killer or blood will flow in the streets. The person who will exact justice is the dude Oliver hangs with in the Hong Kong flashbacks.

Laurel is talking to Sara at her grave when Thea comes by after visiting Moira. Laurel tells her the truth about Sara. She asks Thea to tell no one, not her father and not Oliver.

Felicity is at work when Ray comes in surprised at the fact there is a cafeteria in the building. Felicity isn't happy with him and wants to remain professional. She's called back to "work." 

Oliver and Team Arrow talks about a contingency plan for what happens if they can't deliver Sara's killer in 48 hours. They worry about who could be setting him up by putting his sweat on the arrows.

The Lance family is getting together for Christmas, but Sara won't be there. Laurel tells Dinah she's backpacking through the Andes.

A plane landed on an airstrip just outside Starling City the day before Sara was murdered. On it? Malcolm and Thea.

Oliver isn't all that happy at the implication Thea killed Sara.

Ray shows up at Verdant looking for Felicity. He felt guilty kissing her, but he didn't regret it. He and his girlfriend, Anna, were attacked. He couldn't save her and watched as the attackers broke her neck. She was supposed to be the last person he ever kissed and she was, until he was kissing her.

Oliver goes home to Thea and she's put up a Christmas tree. He wants to know what she was doing with him. Thea assures Oliver she wasn't in Starling City. 

Dinah and Laurel have coffee together in a beautifully festive shop. Dinah knows something happened to Sara because she seemed so broken when she mentioned her earlier. She has the feeling she will never see Sara again and guesses correctly what happened. Laurel admits she hasn't told her father. 

Ra's al Ghul is in training with his men. He kills them all. He must go through a lot of men. Just after, Nyssa comes in. Ra's wants her to teach Oliver Queen they only ask things once.

Arrow goes to see Thea. They fight and she jumps over the balcony to escape. "Stay away from me and my father.

Malcolm goes to see Oliver at Verdant. He is angry Arrow paid Thea a visit. Malcolm made Thea kill Sara. I KNEW IT. I KNEW HE WAS A DIRTY ROTTEN BASTARD.

Oliver tells Nyssa and Ra's he killed Sara. He says she begged him to kill her. He demands a duel according to League rules. Ra's accepts although nobody has challenged him in 67 years. Say what?!

Dinah and Laurel are at Sara's grave. Mom is remembering their childhood. Laurel vows to find Sara's killer and make him pay.

Felicity wants to know the truth about what Ray is doing or she's walking. He can't tell her, but he shows her. Ray talks about the suit and shows her the ATOM (Advanced Technology Operating Mechanism).

Felicity wishes Oliver wouldn't go. But she asks him to do something before he leaves. If it's her asking, he'll do it. She wants him to kill Ra's al Ghul. He will do whatever he has to to protect his sister. And he loves Felicity.

Oliver makes it up to the top of the mountain. Ra's waxes poetic about killing people and says he will take Oliver's blades once he's through with them and proceeds to punch him in the face. Oliver sure seems out of his, ahem, league.

Oliver does much better, then gets the best of Ra's for a second. Ra's punches him in the throat and stabs him in the liver. Then he stabs him again. Oliver sees his father, his mother and then the faces of Thea and Felicity before Ra's kicks his ass over the side of the cliff.


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