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Bad guys appear to be running while within one day of Arrow being gone. Lance is in over his head. Arsenal is on Arrow's bike. Diggle is acting as Arrow. Felicity is walking them through the steps and the bad guys are wondering why Arrow isn't as good as they thought.

It's been three days and Roy wonders when they should start to worry.

Flashback to the pain in the ass -- Amanda Waller.

Ray is reading Gauntlet Post Test 37 Alpha. In other words, that thing with the hand. It's a stress energy tensor. Felicity is worried about him risking his life with his suit. He's not ready to think like that.

Laurel is in court with Lance. Jermaine Fisher is up for 41 counts of murder, 16 of which are against police officers. Arrow apprehended him and they move to dismiss unless he shows. Laurel has the weapon. She wins.

Felicity shows Roy and Diggle a photo of Brick who was smuggled out of Iron Heights by Jose Anton. 

Diggle and Felicity talk. She says he needs to believe in Oliver. He says she needs to believe it's possible things didn't go his way, not this time. Flash to the mountainside. A body walks to him, apparently he's been lying there for four days.

Jose Anton is being beat up. Brick walks in. He's got a garly British accent. Anton doesn't make it out alive. Laurel tells Antoine if his attorney was any good, he'd be walking out a free man, Antoine says, yeah, but he'd be dead.

Malcolm is teaching Thea to fight. Wonder who he wants her to kill now. 

Flashback to Hong Kong again.

Arsenal is on the move, Diggle ditched arrows so he could actually participate in things. Inside the warehouse evidence has been burned, but it's hard to tell what it is evidence of.

When they get back to the Arrow cave. It's Malcolm. He wants to know if they have heard from him since he went off to face Ra's. 

Laurel shows up wth the ME's report on Jose Anton. Ties to Brick... but that's not what's concerning. She learns about Oliver, but she's not worried. He's been dead to her before. She knows he'll be back again.

Malcolm sees the spot where Oliver and Ra's fought. Within hours (really, it's rather ridiculous), he shows up with the instrument of death. He knows Felicity will test it for Oliver's blood and they'll reach one inescapable truth. Felicity blames him. He admits he orchestrated the death and everyone believes Oliver is dead. We flash to Oliver being dragged by a rickshaw type thing.

The blood analysis confirms the blood analysis on the scimitar. A tearful Felicity goes to work.

Hong Kong flashback.

At Verdant Thea sees Roy drinking alone, which she thinks is weird. She's worried about Ollie. She asks him if he can ask his pal, Arrow, to look for Oliver. Hard to believe she knows he's Arsenal but hasn't hooked Oliver in with Ollie yet.

Diggle has no desire to stop what they've been doing even though Roy can't imagine doing what they've been doing without Oliver. 

Felicity breaks with Ray and tells him he can't do what he's trying to do because it won't bring Anna back, and he tells her she doesn't get to tell him what Anna would want. She leaves.

Diggle calls Felicity. Brick is trying to reverse everything Oliver has been working on since they took Slade down. She'll be right there. 

Brick is at the warehouse. Arsenal and Diggle are there too. They look all badass shooting and all that fun stuff. Lance heads in with the popo and suddenly Diggle is out of bullets. Brick gives Diggle the same deal he gave Anton. He shouldn't have done that. Diggle shoots Brick in the head. He must have metal plates as it sort of bounces off. Arsenal is screaming for help from Felicity because he's pinned down. Then he gets up somehow and arrows Brick. The truck gets away. 

They get back to the Arrow cave. Roy and Diggle are pissed when they learn Felicity allowed the bad guys to get away. She chose to let them live. Also, she's out. She's done. There is no "this" without Oliver.

Sarab pounds on somebody's door, apologizes and says he had no one else to turn to, but Oliver needs their help.

Felicity goes back to the office and apologizes to Ray. She tells him about her two recently deceased friends and that she won't help him commit suicide. She gives him her work stuff and leaves.

Laurel and Diggle are talking. She couldn't put the guy away without evidence. Diggle says Oliver isn't coming back. She wants to know if Diggle is coming back. He doesn't know. 

Laurel goes home and cuts out a Black Canary mask.

Thea picks up her mail at home. Someone is upstairs. It's Malcolm. He tells her they're in danger and need to leave and never return.

Brick gets his team together. He has them by the balls because he has their evidence. They're going to take over The Glades.

As two of them ponder whether the dude is crazy, Black Canary attacks using her sonic scream. 

Flashback to Hong Kong. It took an hour, but we know why former Maseo now Sarab is helping dead Oliver. Because Oliver didn't kill in order to save Tatsu.

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Arrow Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

Felicity: I think I made it pretty clear when I said I didn't want to talk about this.
Ray: You were, but you were also pretty wrong when you said I regretted kissing you. I can't imagine there's a man on the planet who would ever regret kissing you.

Oliver: Felicity! Who killed Sara?
Felicity: You did.

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