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We delve deeply into Felicity Smoak on Arrow Season 3 Episode 5.

Everybody is sparring to hone their crafts. Roy isn't sleeping well not moving quickly. Ted tells Laurel she's just lashing out. Thea asks her dad how normal people spend their mornings. Felicity is struggling through 10 sit ups in front of her TV.

Ray wants to give Queen Consolidated's excess energy to the city. Donna shows up while they're chatting. 

Flashback to hacker Felicity in college. They hack into the Department of Education. Felicity's boyfriend, Cooper, is trying to erase all of the student loans and Felicity freaks out. He's interested in Hactivism. Hacker or Hero?

Oliver meets with Thea in her new loft. Rockin' fireplaces all around. Oliver says Malcolm is alive and if she is using his money he will have a hold over her.

While Oliver is at Thea's arguing with her, he watches the lights go down all over the city. Hactivism!

Diggle is on the street with Sara. When Thea goes back to ask Oliver what's going on, she notices he has fled through her balcony -- she's in a high rise.

Oliver doesn't want Sara in the Arrow Cave. Really? Felicity asks Dig to trust her mom with Sara.

Flashback to Felcity with Cooper. She's freaked out that he's going to be arrested. The FBI swoops in and grabs Cooper. 

Laurel is the acting district attorney.

A voice on Felicity's system, Brother I, I believe, is his name. They're going after the banks next. For sme reason, there are looters at a bank. Do they really think they're going to get money from a bank?!

Arrow and Arsenal toss tear gas to disburse the crowd. She realizes she can't stop the virus because it's hers.

Oliver wonders why Felicity never told him. She asked how much of his five years away they know. She says it can't be Cooper, but could be his roommate Myron, who always had an edge.

Flashback and Felicity wants to tell the FBI she wrote the virus. Cooper already told them he did it. He said he would always protect her and he will.

Capt. Lance is angry at hell at Laurel for activating a riot squad, which caused one instead of stopping it. He knows she's in ten different kinds of pain and she has to talk about it. She says she can't talk about it with them.

Thea is trying to get into the Arrow Cave. Oliver shows up. It's flooded down there. Oliver rocks back and forth on his feet when he's talking to Thea. Is that his lying tell?

Arrow and Arsenal head to Myron. He's a green guy now and not in on it. He might have showed it off to a few people years ago. Oliver thinks Felicity won't tell him about her ex boyfriend, not because he's her ex, but because he's dead. He killed himself in prison before sentencing.

Felicity is talking to Ray about bad inventions when Donna comes in. Felicity cracks. She's sorry she's such a disappointment to her with her job, her modest clothing and single life. Donna knows she's not smart and doesn't see any of herself in her daughter. She always thought someday Felicity would leave her. She already did.

Oliver wants Felicity to make up with her mom. She won't be of any use to them if she isn't thinking clearly. Back at her place, Felicity learns Donna won a free first class ticket to Starling City. Someone wanted her to be there. They are kidnapped and bags removed from their heads in a huge computer room. It's Cooper. 

Cooper's suicide was faked so he could work with the NSA. When he was done working with the NSA, he wanted to find her so she could get in on this with him. She was a corporate lap dog so he moved on himself. He wants her to redirect the money he wants to steal. If she doesn't, then he'll kill Donna.

While Donna is assuring Cooper he wouldn't last five seconds against her daughter, Arrow pops in. Cooper has a motion sensor kill device set up. Arrow has to take it out. Arsenal fights bad guys outside. Felicity turns on Cooper, grabs the gun and smacks him in the face with it.

Flashback to Myron, wondering where Felicity is. She walks out of the bathroom with blonde hair, glasses and Felicity clothes. It's the new her.

Laurel knows that she needs to open up and she does it to Ted. She tells him her sister is dead and she can't tell anyone. Now that he knows what she was swinging at, he can train her to fight for herself.

Oliver shows up at Thea's with popcorn. She even asks him to move in with her. 

Malcolm is across the street, watching.

Donna gets ready to leave. Felicity apologizes to her mother for not being appreciative for everything she ever did. She has learned that she is a lot tougher than she ever thought and it was from her mom. 

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