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A corpse is taken to the SCPD. Dinah and Lance investigate it and are shocked to find that Robert Queen was the suspect. 

They took the news to Oliver, who was welcoming Thea back into the fold. 

Rene gets a court date, while Oliver and Diggle follow a lead to Chase. However, they are shocked when the place is a death trap. 

Dinah and Curtis save them and they make their way out of the plant after going after the man causing all of the drama. 

Oliver and Thea were given footage that showed Robert murdered someone. 

Oliver and the team managed to get to Prometheus, where Oliver said that Prometheus' father was going to disown him because he was insane.

Prometheus then told Oliver to kill him, but Oliver said he wanted him to face justice. 

Oliver then gave Thea the video and she watched it. 

Oliver then held a press conference and opened up about the fact his father was murderer, but stressed that he was not always like that. 

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Arrow Season 5 Episode 21 Quotes

Lance: Thea, what are you doing here?
Thea: Nice to see you, too.

Oliver: Do we have a suspect?
Lance: Yes, we do.
Oliver: Who?
Dinah: Your father.