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Oliver is finding out that Cayden James has been mysteriously killed but not why he got killed. He returns to city hall to tell his team what has happened.

Quentin and Thea ask him later on what they are going to do with the missing money, Laurel still being out there. Dinah walks in, but she isn't exactly happy to be there.

They are then informed that the city will be shut down in 48 hours if they can't start getting funding again. Someone has stolen the money and everyone have their own guesses. 

The new team is looking into it as it is soon revealed that it was Black Siren who stole the money. Dinah and Oliver have an intense conversation about it as Dinah still wants to kill her, but Oliver won't let her.

Elsewhere in a cabin house, Laurel is recovering as Quentin saved her. Back at city hall, Oliver asks Quentin again about the night he last saw Laurel.

Quentin lies and claims he doesn't know where she may be. He does, however, tell them that right before that night, Laurel was following him as he believes that he may have connected with her.

The new team is tracking Black Siren via the help of a new device that Curtis created. Back at the cabin house, where Laurel tells Quentin that nothing will make her become like the Earth-1 Laurel.

Quentin says to her that he won't stop believing that she can be saved. He informs her that Cayden was killed recently and makes it clear that she can leave whenever she wants.

Laurel asks him to tell her more about the Earth-1 version. Team Arrow is also looking for Black Siren and they find evidence that may support the idea that Dinah took her.

Team Arrow crashes the new team's base and accuses them of having kidnaped Black Siren. They start to argue with each other as things get so intense that they start fighting.

The fight ends with Team Arrow escaping. But Rene managed to plant an audio device on Oliver's costume so they can find out as soon as possible if they find Laurel.

Back at the cabin, Thea walks in and shocks Quentin as she doesn't understand why he is hiding her. Thea asks him if she at least found out where the money is.

Laurel wakes up and agrees with Thea that she should probably call Oliver. Thea makes the call and tells him that Quentin has been hiding Laurel this whole time.

He speaks directly with Laurel and asks where the money is. She is happy to help but on one condition as she wants to get out of the country.

The new team heard the whole call and try to track down where she is hiding. Team Arrow drives to the cabin house but on their way they see the new team driving right behind them.

Felicity spots the audio tracker on Oliver's suit and throws it out the window so they can't be tracked. The team gets to the cabin house as they demand to get the money.

Laurel wants to leave the country first but Oliver won't do it until she gives the money first. Quentin takes her side as he trusts her.

Elsewhere, the new team is pissed that they lost their tracking. But Curtis has another way and that is to use the tracking in Diggle's chip which may hurt him.

Dinah doesn't care as she just wants to kill Black Siren. Curtis begins to track them as Diggle experiences massive pain.

They try to get things going as they need to prepare Laurel's escape. The new team is on their way.

Team Arrow is found by the new team as the two teams are furious with one another. Felicity yells at Curtis that he could have seriously hurt Diggle badly.

The two teams begin to fight while Thea and Quentin escape with Laurel. Black Canary catches up and is ready to kill her once and for all.

She takes out Quentin and gets up on Laurel as she wants to kill her the same way Vincent died. Curtis tries to talk some sense into Dinah.

Dinah steps down and Laurel uses her cry on them to escape. Green Arrow and Spartan stop them as Black Canary gets her cry shut down.

Back at the bunker, the team doesn't think they will be able to find Laurel anytime soon. Thea worries about Rene who got injured again.

Oliver admits that he knows that everyone wishes Earth-2 Laurel would be like their Laurel. But he doesn't think they can ever save her as Oliver gets ready to address the city that the money is still missing.

At the hospital, Curtis and Dinah talk about what happened tonight. Once Rene is better, they will continue to hunt Laurel.

Dinah thanks Curtis for stopping her when things were about to go really bad. Oliver tells city hall that the money is still missing and that he failed Star City.

The police captain gets visited by a district attorney who wants to take Oliver down. But he can only do it with the help of SCPD.

Dr. Schwartz informs Curtis and Dinah that Rene has a collapsed lung and that he should be transferred to special treatment. Team Arrow arrives to check up on Rene, but Dinah and Curtis won't let them.

They make it clear that they are officially done with Team Arrow. Elsewhere, a driver finds Laurel bleeding as she claims that she has been kidnaped for two years.

When asked what her name is, she says that her name is Laurel Lance as she is pretending to be the Laurel who died on Earth-1.

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Arrow Season 6 Episode 14 Quotes

Man: Are you OK?
Black Siren: I just escaped. I was kidnapped two years ago, I think...I don't know!
Man: What's your name?
Black Siren: Laurel. Laurel Lance.

Oliver: I don't trust you to do the right thing.
Dinah: And what is that? Politely ask Laurel to give back the money?
Oliver: Not kill her.