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Vigilante is targeting a woman in the middle of the day, but Dinah spots him and protects the victim. Rene calls Oliver up to tell him what happened as Oliver is with Slade. He reveals to Oliver where Joe is trapped and how he needs Oliver Queen rather than the Green Arrow.

In a flashback from 13 years ago in New Zealand, Slade is helping out a young Joe as they are out in the wild. In the present, Felicity and Curtis are tracking Vigilante as they try to figure out why he is back.

Dinah gets interrupted by Agent Watson as she is wondering why Diggle is allowed to be present at a crime scene. Watson pulls Diggle to the side to interrogate him.

Felicity goes home to see William and Oliver. He explains to her how Slade needs his help to save Joe. Elsewhere, Slade is waiting for Oliver who shows up at last as they take off for their flight.

Dinah is keeping an eye out on the victim from earlier and spots Vigilante and goes after him. He unmasks himself as Dinah recognizes the burned-faced man before he escapes.

She returns to the bunker to tell everyone that Vigilante is her former partner Vincent. Dinah thought he died the night she got her powers as Diggle instructs her that they have to keep going after him.

Felicity gets a call from Agent Watson who wants to see her tomorrow. In Kasnia, Oliver and Slade get greeted by one of Slade's old friends who hands him a folder about his son.

Watson gets visited by Felicity as she is interrogated by the agent. Elsewhere, Oliver and Slade go over how to get Joe out of the prison. Slade gives Oliver a plan on what to do once he gets Joe out.

Oliver asks Slade if he is worried that Joe won't see Slade as dad anymore and more as Deathstroke. In another flashback, Slade and Joe are frying a fish as he asks his dad if he is really a pilot.

He tries to convince Joe that he works for a cheap airline and why he doesn't get the perks. Back in the present, Team Arrow investigate what appears to be Vigilante's hideout.

Oliver goes to the prison to make the trade for Joe, but he is told that there was a prison fight and that he died. He goes to tell Slade what he learned.

Slade breaks down and talks about the last time he spoke with Joe. He regrets that he didnt't go with Oliver to the prison. In another flashback, Slade and Joe are playing catch. A family walks by and Slade asks to take a photo of the two of them.

Dinah is back at the bunker training frustratingly and Diggle tries to talk with her. She is pissed that her partner has become such a psycho. Rene shows up to tell them that they got some new trouble.

Oliver and Slade return to the prison to see Joe's body. The guard tells them that Joe never died. Slade lashes out, but Oliver steps in to calm the situation down.

The guard reveals that the "Jackals" took him. Slade storms off to go after them as Oliver gets worried about Slade's rage.

Dinah leads a group of officers to surround the Channel 52 station. Back in the bunker, Felicity sends Oliver some useful information as she and Diggle reflect on their past with Slade.

Dinah contacts them to tell that they have to stand down as Agent Watson is there. Slade suits up as Deathstroke as Oliver gives him footage of the prison fight.

Oliver refuses to let Slade go alone before he passes out as Slade drugged his drink. In a flashback, Slade and Joe are having lunch before the other father circles back. Slade excuses himself to go after him. 

Slade, in disguise, confronts the man and asks him who sent him to follow Slade. In the present, Diggle arrives at the channel to join Dinah as he wants to calm her down.

Dinah heads into the station to observe the broadcast as Vigilante is walking right above them. The power goes out as Vigilante goes after the politician. Black Canary shows up and tries to get through to Vigilante. 

An officer takes a shot right in Vigilante's forehead, but it turns out that he got powers too that night. Dinah tries to talk sense to him, but Vincent is out his mind before she lets him go.

Oliver wakes up and finds a note from Slade who is already gone. Disappointed, he gets ready to leave but gets a call from William who is wondering if he will be home soon. William asks if Oliver was able to help his friend.

Deathstroke goes after the Jackal and takes out several henchmen. He gets surrounded by another set of me, before Slade's old friend from before as he offers to explain everything.

Slade asks him who is the boss and where his son is. In another flashback, Slade and Joe have packed up and are ready to leave the woods.

Agent Watson goes to see Dinah as she wonders where Dinah was tonight when Black Canary saved the politician. Watson hints that she knows or thinks Dinah is the new Black Canary.

As Dinah gets into her car, she finds a mysterious box from Vincent. Oliver goes to find Slade who agrees to join the Jackals as long as Joe gets his freedom.

There is a problem as Joe is the leader of the Jackals and comes out of the shadows to greet his father. 

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Arrow Season 6 Episode 5 Quotes

Oliver: I have an old friend in town that needs my help and I might not be back at the office for a few hours. Do we have any idea who the shooter was targeting?
Rene: We're working on it.
Oliver: Good. Be the mayor until I get back.
Rene: For real?
Oliver: No...it's a figurative speech. Just don't make any laws while I'm out of the office, OK?

Nylander: He is not that bad! [laughs] Slade Wilson, the terminator!
Slade: I haven't heard that name in a while.