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Slade and Joe catch up quite violently as he is not happy with his father. But he begs Joe to let him join him. In a flashback, Slade wakes up after his battle with Oliver on Lian Yu many years ago.

Back in Star City, Team Arrow is stopping criminal security guards. They return to the bunker where Dinah informs about a new street boss known as "The Dragon."

Joe explains to Slade what it is that the Jackals do. Diggle returns home to Lyla while trying to fight back with his shaking hand. When alone, he realizes that he is out of his juice and tries to get a hold of his dealer.

Oliver warns Slade that his son is dangerous and that he shouldn't join him. Slade insists that Oliver go back to Star City. Slade goes to help Joe out on a mission.

In a flashback, Slade trains Joe while getting used to only have one eye as it's been a year since he came home from the island. The Mirakuru causes Slade to go berserk during training.

Diggle meets up with his dealer, Ricardo Diaz, to get a new refill. Slade and Joe continue with their operation while Oliver manages to take out a few of the Jackals.

At the bunker, the team are alerted about the security guard squad and goes after them. But Diggle's nerve damage gets in the way again.

Felicity informs the team more about The Dragon and asks Diggle what to do next. Back at the Jackals, Oliver gets taken in by Joe's right-hand-man as Joe wants Slade to get revenge for what he did.

In another flashback, Slade keeps seeing hallucinations of Shado. She eventually begins to drive him mad as Slade sees on the news that Oliver survived Lian Yu.

Diggle tells Lyla about the drugs he had been taking to help his condition. Lyla gets upset that he took this risk by purchasing illegal drugs and still being on them.

Slade tells Oliver that he intends to keep his promise from years ago. Oliver refuses to believe Slade has turned into that version himself again.

But Slade tricks his son by releasing Oliver who takes Joe out before they try to escape. They shake them off but Slade lashes out as he realizes that the only way to stop Joe is by killing him.

In another flashback, Slade has taken out most of the men and is ready to go after Joe. Slade knocks Joe out and takes the Deathstroke armor as he leaves Joe behind.

At the bunker, Diggle hands the team the address to the Dragon. The team infiltrates the Dragon's base of operations as an intensive gun.fight takes place.

The Dragon tries to burn them to death and Diggle starts to choke again. At the Jackals head base, Joe is still looking for his father and Oliver.

Slade shows up and takes on Joe while Oliver deals with the Jackals. During the battle, Joe drops the bomb to Slade that he has a brother named Grant. 

Oliver fires at Joe to make him stop before Joe escapes. Later on, Slade tells Oliver he is going to find both of his sons and asks Oliver to not follow him.

Diggle comes home to Lyla as he makes a promise to her to stop taking the drugs. Oliver comes to William and Felicity who he tells her about what happened with Slade.

Felicity gets a text from Diggle who wants to talk with her, but she decides to talk to him later. Diggle tells the other members that he lied to them and that he was on drugs while on the field.

Curtis offers to help Diggle get his nerve damage taken care of the same way he helped Felicity when she couldn't walk. Diggle promises Dinah to never keep any secrets from her ever again.

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Arrow Season 6 Episode 6 Quotes

Slade: You should have gone home.
Oliver: I don’t abandon people… even when they leave me drugged.

OK, you weren’t gone that long.