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Oliver and his team are hosting a food drive while Felicity is being interviewed by a reporter wondering if she thinks the mayor could really be the Green Arrow. Oliver celebrates with the citizens that they have gathered food for over 1200 hungry families.

Agent Watson arrives to interrupt his speech as she arrests him for being the Green Arrow. She escorts him to the police station as the team tries to deal with the situation.

Watson interrogates Oliver who is furious that she arrested himself in front of William. The team comes together at the bunker to figure out what to do next.

Black Siren and Cayden are back in Star City as Cayden has Laurel steal something. Dinah goes to see how Oliver is holding up, asking if he wants her to help escape. But Oliver doesn't see any good coming out of the mayor becoming a fugitive.

The team finds out that Black Siren and Cayden are back and that something was stolen. The next day doesn't get better for Oliver as he struggles with his trial.

Diggle and Curtis get the hold on where Cayden is now and goes after him. Black Siren takes a squad to an AmerTek facility with Team Arrow tracking them down. A fight goes down but Diggle collapse in the middle of the action. 

Felicity finds out what Laurel stole this time, but she isn't sure what Laurel and Cayden are intending to do. Diggle gets taken care of at the hospital as Curtis apologizes to Diggle for his prototype failing him.

Felicity gives Curtis and Diggle a call as she figured out that Laurel and Cayden are assembling a dangerous bomb. Back at the bunker, Felicity confronts Curtis for not consulting her on injecting Diggle with a prototype of their new company.

Oliver goes to see Diggle at the hospital as he knows what Diggle kept from him. He is upset with Diggle as Oliver regrets trusting Diggle with the Green Arrow mantle.

Oliver goes to see Thea who is still in a coma as he tells her that he wished she was there. He then goes to the bunker to tell the team that he is going to try and help them out.

Dinah confesses to Quentin that she found out recently that her ex-boyfriend is the Vigilante. He then admits to her that he almost tried to kill Laurel again when Black Siren broke into the bunker.

Oliver goes to see Diggle again, but this time to apologize to him. Diggle tells Oliver that the test results came back and that the drug made the nerve damage even worse.

The team suits up as Oliver arrives to join them by becoming the Green Arrow again. They go to Starling Stadium and pulls an alarm to get the people out of there.

Green Arrow confronts Cayden and demands that he tell where the bomb is. He tries to fire an arrow at Cayden, but a hacked T-Sphere blocks it. Cayden reveals that there was never a bomb to begin with.

Black Siren shows up and uses her scream on Green Arrow as they take off. The team regroups at the bunker as they see that the local news has picked up the footage of the vigilantes attacking the cops.

They realize this was Cayden's plan all along. The next day Oliver gives a speech to the people of Star City before Agent Watson shows up to shame him over lying to his own son.

William goes to see Diggle with Felicity and Oliver as he wishes him a speedy recovery. When alone, Oliver promises Diggle that once he feels better, he will hand him back the Green Arrow mantle.

Dr. Schwartz alerts them that something has happened to Thea. They go to see her as Thea has woken up from her coma.

Thea gets caught up on what has been going on. Oliver takes a moment to appreciate that he has his team and family together.

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Arrow Season 6 Episode 7 Quotes

Diggle: I never should have said I was doing it for you. Remember last year, when the Dominators put us into this alternate Star City?
Oliver: Yeah, kind of difficult to forget.
Diggle: We got to see what our perfect life would be. Mine was being the Green Arrow.

Cayden: You do see how that could have gone wrong, yes?
Black Siren: Yes, but it didn't!