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The Queens: 

Emiko goes after and eventually catches a criminal and proceeds to cross a name off her list. Emiko meets with someone from a crime organization and pays him to give her information on Glenmorgan. He tells her that no one has actually seen his face and people hire him through the online black market. 

He tells her Glenmorgan's in town for a job with Talis Global and gives her a key to the building. He asks what Glenmorgan did but Emiko brushes him off. She breaks into the Talis building and gets the information she needs, but ends up getting shot by a security guard. She ends up getting Rene's help. 

The next morning, Oliver and Dinah are at the Talis Global crime scene, where a cop gives Oliver some snark. Oliver asks Dinah to let him use his resources to trace the blood on the glass to the New Green Arrow. 

Emiko wakes up at Rene and she refuses to answer his questions. She tells him she doesn't want or need his help. He says she should learn from Oliver and realize she can't save the city alone. She snaps at him and says she isn't Oliver Queen. 

Oliver comes home and asks Felicity to test the blood from the crime scene. She finds out that it's the blood of a woman and that the vigilante is his sister. 

Emiko uses the information from Talis Global she got and finds out what Glenmorgan looks like. She has him in her sights to kill him, but Rene ends up infiltrating her mission. Emiko doesn't take too kindly to his involvement, allowing Glenmorgan to escape. 

Felicity comforts Oliver and suggests he reach out to her. He says he doesn't want to bombard himself into her life until he has more answers. Felicity gets into some accounts to get Oliver some more information and it turns out the records they need are in a storage unit registered to his mom. 

Rene gets an arrow sent to him with an address, Zoe encourages him to go help the New Green Arrow. When Rene and Emiko meet up, she asks why he wants to help her. He tells her that helping her has been the only way he's been the only way to be a hero since Team Arrow disbanded. 

Felicity and Oliver start unpacking boxes. Oliver comes across a letter from Robert to Walter. Oliver reads the letter which reveals that Robert was in love with another woman named Kazumi Adachi and they had a daughter, but he abandoned them. He asked Walter to take care of Emiko if he were to die. 

Oliver has difficulty comprehending how his father could abandon Emiko. Felicity asks Oliver what he wants to do. 

Emiko shows Rene her revenge board that's all connected to Glenmorgan. She tells Rene that last year there was a fire in their apartment but her mom was murdered before the fire started. Rene enlists Curtis to be their person in a chair, which Emiko protests at first but gives in. 

Emiko and Rene arrive at Glenmorgan's safehouse and take out a bunch of his men. Emiko finally takes down at Glenmorgan. He asks why she's after him and she tells him she killed his mom. He swears to her he didn't, he's been on a covert mission in Santa Prisca for the last two years. She tells Rene that she failed her mission. 

Emiko tells Rene she's going to find out who the real murderer was and Rene tells her he's going to be her partner, whether she wants him or not. 

Felicity checks on Oliver and he admits to her, he never thought his father was capable of something like this. Felicity reminds him that he has the chance to correct his father's and his mother's wrongs. She encourages him to reach out to Emiko. 

Emiko is at Robert Queen's gravesite and Oliver is there as well. 

Diggle & Lyla: 

Lyla has Diaz in an interrogation room and she tells him to tell her everything she knows about the terrorist financer named Dante. Diaz claims to not know anything, but Lyla counters him and asks why he paid Diaz's debt to The Longbow Hunters. 

Diaz refuses to answer the questions and says he wants a lawyer. Lyla tells him that he belongs to A.R.G.U.S now and no one knows he there, thus no one can help him. He still refuses to talk. 

Diggle tries his luck with Diaz and offers him a deal. Lyla and Deputy Director Bell watch from the glass. Diggle tells Diaz that if he gives them Dante, he goes free. Before Diaz can say anything, Bell asks to speak to Diggle and asks him and Lyla what's going on. 

Diggle tells him he and Lyla are restarting The Ghost Initiative and Diaz is their first recruit. Bell questions their decision but Lyla quickly shuts him down. 

Lyla gets mad at Diggle for undermining her authority and bringing back an initiative she worked so hard to get rid of. 

Diaz is injected with a bomb in his neck. 

The Future: 

Zoe arrives at the Donor Breakfast her dad's hosting at the Glades city hall. She listens as Rene gives a speech about fighting to keep the Glades the greatest place on earth. 

Rene starts talking to Zoe about her job as chief of staff but she interrupts him and tells him someone's planning an attack on Star City. She asks him to let the SCPD get access to the Archer Program. 

He reprimands her for spending time with Dinah and asking for the Archer Program, knowing what happened when it fell in the wrong hands once. 

She reminds him he used to stand up for anyone in need, not just the people of the Glades. She asks him what happened to him. 

Later, Rene runs into Dinah and she shows him the bomb schematics they found from Felicity. Dinah tells him Felicity is dead but he says what happens in Star City doesn't concern him. 

He tells her what he does as mayor actually matters now unlike before when he was a vigilante. Dinah shows him the tattoo and reminds him of the promise they made to always keep fighting and be there for each other no matter what. 

Rene tells her he will have her arrested if she comes back. Dinah threatens to hurt Rene if he doesn't give her the access codes. 

Dinah brings Zoe the Archer access codes and Zoe's saddened when she learns Dinah had to physically force him to give her the codes. The codes are done processing and the team now has access to footage of the entire security interface. 

Rene talks to his associate and tells him what Dinah told him about Star City and Felicity. His associate tells him that Felicity was a liability and asks if that was going to be a problem. Rene assures him it isn't. 

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Arrow Season 7 Episode 10 Quotes

People say that revenge corrupts the soul; that if you go down that path you'll never come back. But sometimes embracing the darkness is the only way to get justice. My name is Emiko Queen. I will get justice for my mother and no one will stand in my way.

Emiko Queen

Well, shame on us for being so sexist. Our mystery man is actually a woman.