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Laurel and Oliver are on a talk show about past vigilantes and their new lives. 

Flashback to Oliver meeting Emiko asking if he can make things right.

Diggle and Lyla begin putting together another suicide squad by interviewing the participants, oddly enough. 

Curtis isn't pleased to see the couple start the Ghost Initiative let alone without him. He says it's just a fancier name for the Suicide S... Naming problems on Arrow?

Curtis is even more shocked to learn they want to use Diaz as a part of their initiative.

Felicity takes out Laurel for celebratory drinks after her successful interview. She sees on TV that she's the most popular DA in the last ten years.

Just then a fellow to the side of her says, "Laurel Lance." Laurel recalls using her newly found meta powers on him on Earth 2. 

Felicity freaks when they have to leave the wine behind.

The journalist is leaving the recording studio when a meta goes after him. He's shocked, to say the least.

It's a kidnapping. Butch Cannon is missing. Oliver and Dinah are going through things at the precinct before Cannon appears on TV bound to a chair threatening Oliver Queen who is not a hero.

Laurel has a note on her desk that says if he found her, he can get her anywhere. There's no way it's Brett.

Oliver is trying to rescue Cannon. The Target has an issue with the Queens. People without that name are people, too, he says.

it ties back to Sam Hackett whose father was on the boat with Oliver and not lost at sea after all. He's one of the men Robert murdered to keep Oliver alive.

Diaz tries to be menacing to Curtis. The four candidates tease Curtis as bad guys do before Curtis puts them all to sleep. Diaz didn't take to the drugs though, and all of the people escape.

Laurel has another message, "I'm coming for you."

Laurel visits Brett at the local bar. He thinks she's a wolf in sheep's clothing. 

Brett finding Laurel is merely a coincidence to Sam doing his damage with Oliver, but neither of them is from Earth 2.

Oliver can't believe Sam is still trying to find his father. Dinah reminds him that if he survived, it would give Sam hope, too.

Fight Scene with the Ghost Initiative. They're really trying to make Diaz a thing.

Curtis tries to go up against Diaz and gets a head to his Adam's apple. He should probably be dead.

Shit. He is dead. Diaz killed Curtis.

Now we know why Curtis didn't make it to the special tattoo on the arm.

Bummer. I thought it was real.

Now 77% of people in Star City want Oliver Queen to step down from his role in the SCPD. Oliver thinks if Dinah fires him the threats will stop.

Dinah reminds Oliver he can't live in the past or stop it from haunting him, but he can control what he does moving forward.

Diaz is in the room where he began and all of what we just saw happened in his head.

Felicity wonders why Laurel never wanted to talk about her father. Her dad shouldn't have been on the road that day, and Laurel blames herself. He showed up without her cake, she threw a tantrum, and her dad went back to get it. The last thing she said to him was, "I hate you."

Felicity tells Laurel it's not her fault. Does Laurel see how irrational it sounds now that she said it out loud?

Sam Hackett is at the station getting ready to infiltrate.

Sam is threatening all of the cops and antagonizing Oliver by suggesting he's not a hero or he'd be here. SCPD knew about Oliver and helped him in his crimes. 

Oliver finally admits everything to Sam. He was afraid he'd be judged by the sins of his father, and he's super sorry. His ultimatum to the cops is to kill Oliver or they'll all fry. 

One little guy pulls out his gun and aims it at Oliver. Oliver says he understands if the guy really believes he has to do it. Dinah gets to the junction box seconds before Sam presses his button.

Oliver goes back onto the talk show to set the record straight about the yacht wreck and the lifeboat.

Diggle loves Curtis' VR program and considers it a game changer. But it doesn't mean the Ghost Initiative is dead.

Emiko pays Oliver a visit after his interview. She thinks it was a start. 

Emiko didn't like that Robert Queen robbed her of a family growing up, but she isn't eager to get to know him quite yet.

Dinah has one of Laurel's stalker notes in her car. Stalker is going to kill them all.

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Arrow Season 7 Episode 11 Quotes

Curtis: I'm not putting any bombs in any heads. I don't care how evil that head might be.
Lyla: You don't need to. We just need you to ensure that the bomb tech isn't rejected after insertion.
Curtis: Yeah, 'cause that's so much better!

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