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A guard puts a bracelet on Oliver to ensure the safety of the prisoners. Dr. Parker says he's ready for phase two, and so the guard escorts him to Level 2. While walking to his cell, Oliver sees the man who attacked him on behalf of Diaz. The guard lets him know there is no visitation while in Level 2. 

Oliver asks the man who the Demon is multiple times. The man gets frustrated and pushes Oliver. He's electrocuted through his bracelet and sent to a secluded room. 

Felicity goes over the tracking device she has on The Silencer, it goes offline for a while and Laurel sends Felicity away to calm down. 

Oliver is attacked in his cell by Taila a Ghul, also known as The Demon. She survived the explosion in Lian Yu, but with a few scars. He asks her where Diaz is, but she swears she doesn't know. Diaz did, however, give her the drugs she needed to survive the explosion and arranged the attack on Oliver on Diaz's behalf. 

She asks Oliver to help her escape. She warns him that he's in a very dangerous place. He tells her she isn't dealing with the Oliver she has a history with, she's dealing with Inmate 4587. 

Felicity goes to visit Oliver but the guards just ignore her. She meets Stanley and asks him to deliver a message to Oliver: she has a lead on Diaz. Stanley informs her that Oliver's in Level 2, where they keep the worst of the worst. 

Laurel calls Slabside and tries to get answers for Felicity. After doing some hacking, Felicity finds out there's no record of anything at Slabside referring to Level 2. 

Oliver sees a dead body being wheeled out of the secluded room, and it's the man who attacked him from before. 

He sits with Taila and asks what goes on in that room. She informs him Dr. Parker's behind it. He asks for her help to protect the inmates, but she only agrees if he helps her escape.

Felicity and Laurel ask Dinah for help searching the SCPD archives because whatever Dr. Parker is doing isn't being reported. 

Oliver sees Dr. Parker and asks him about the dead man he saw. Dr. Parker simply sees it as a setback, someone who doesn't adjust to the treatment as well as Oliver. When Oliver questions him more, Dr. Parker tries to mess with his head and reminds Oliver that he isn't a hero anymore. He's inmate 4587. 

Felicity has a difficult time finding things and starts to freak out about the possibility of losing Oliver permanently. Dinah and Laurel try to comfort her. 

Oliver agrees to help Talia if she helps him stop what's going on in that room. Oliver begs Taila to let them build back the trust they once shared so they can work well together. They start a brawl with a couple of security guards. Taila and Oliver end up fighting as a decoy, and the guards use their bracelets to take them down. 

Felicity finds the files on Parker. He had multiple malpractice suits. Felicity realizes Parker has tried and will continue to try erasing people's memories and identity. Oliver is his next target. 

Oliver and Taila wake up in the room. Dr. Parker expresses his disappointment in Oliver, but Oliver remains defiant and plans to break the cycle of violence his way. He attacks Dr. Parker and the other guards, and Talia manages to get their bracelets off. Oliver gets the file needed to stop Level 2 from continuing. 

Level 2 is on lockdown when they leave the room. They take out a bunch of security guards on their way to the nearest window. Oliver tells Talia he's staying so he doesn't have to be a fugitive for the rest of his life. He gives Talia the flash drive with the files to give to Felicity. She manages to escape, and Oliver takes down a few more guards before succumbing to them. 

Oliver is escorted back to Level 1 because Level is being shut down.

Felicity and her squad anonymously received the files and released it to the public. Laurel believes the information on the flash drive is enough to appeal Oliver's conviction and get him out of prison.

Dr. Parker, who has been fired, is killed by Talia. 

Oliver is reunited with Stanley who informs him that he spoke with Felicity and she has a message for him about Diaz. Oliver looks concerned. 

Felicity's tracker comes back on and shows the Silencer's in Moscow. She meets Diaz on a roof where he's holding Anatoly.

Diggle and ARGUS plan to have Curtis go undercover on a mission. On assignment, Curtis hesitates, almost blowing the operation if not for Diggle. Curtis is uncomfortable being in the field again and refuses to do it again. 

Diggle later questions why Curtis is sidelining himself. Curtis admits putting his life on the line is just not him anymore. 

Diggle gets a team together for the mission, and a scared Curtis agrees to go undercover again. He exchanges a briefcase with Mr. Byrd. The plan seems to go haywire when Mr. Byrd reveals he has a bomb. Curtis's briefcase, which contains a sniper, shoots everyone and Curtis takes out Mr. Byrd. 

Later, Curtis tells Diggle there are some abnormalities in the mission report. ARGUS is keeping a secret that involves a painting. 

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Arrow Season 7 Episode 5 Quotes

Laurel: Well, all this saving your husband crap has made me very hungry, so I'm going to go get a pizza.
Felicity: Okay.
Laurel: Do you want to come. If you're hungry... I don't know.
Felicity: Are you asking me out on a friend date?
Laurel: No.

Felicity: Okay real talk. We're working together and we need your help.
Dinah: Huh, we?
Laurel: It's called empathy, Dinah.
Dinah: I'm about 100 percent sure that's not what we're dealing with here.