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Oliver is being held in an isolated cell where Dr. Parker, the chief psychiatrist for Level 2 approaches him. He asks Oliver what his name is in which he responds Oliver Queen. 

Oliver tells Dr. Parker that he needs to find The Demon. He asks Oliver questions about the people he's murdered and hurt, but Oliver insists that he's only here to protect his family. The Detective hands him a photo of his family. 

After resisting, Oliver is injected with something that makes him more susceptible to questioning. Dr. Parker wants to know what made Oliver Queen become the Green Arrow. Oliver tells him about his last moments with his dad. Oliver tells him his dad asked him to right his wrongs. 

Dr. Parker calls his father a murderer and says Oliver is paying for his crimes. He asks Oliver how he thinks William would feel if he knew his grandfather was a murder. He says the cycle will continue and William will be sucked into the cycle of crime. Oliver doesn't respond the way Dr. Parker wants, so he gets the machine. 

Oliver is forced to relive that moment with his father. Dr. Parker makes it so this time Oliver takes the role of his father in the lifeboat and William takes his place. In this scenario, Oliver tells William that he's going to have an amazing life. Dr. Parker tells Oliver he must end his father's cycle for the good of his son.  

When Dr. Parker visits him again he asks Oliver to state his name and he responds with Inmate 4587. 

Felicity has the Silencer in custody. Rene warns her against doing anything she'll regret including torture. 

Felicity visits Laurel and asks for her help getting information out of the Silencer. Laura gladly agrees to help. When talking to the Silencer, Laurel reminds her that Diaz has no loyalty. When that doesn't work she uses her Black Siren call to torture her. 

When Laurel isn't successful right away, Felicity wants to try some torture techniques of her own. Laurel warns her against embracing this inner darkness because she'll never be able to go back. She encourages Felicity to use the best weapon to her advantage, her brain. 

Felicity is about to start torturing the Silencer before Laurel stops her. While they argue, the Silencer escapes using Felicity's tools. She actually fell for their plan, and now the belt she carries will lead them to Diaz. Laurel warns Felicity that when they find Diaz, they are going to have to kill him. 

Dinah and Rene are addressing citizens' concerns in the Glades. While there two arsonists cause a fire, and Zoe is caught in the thick of it. Green Arrow 2.0 manages to rescue her before any serious harm occurs. 

At the hospital, Diggle, Curtis, and Rene discuss who could be behind the fire. Dinah has information but also wants to take down Green Arrow 2.0, which Rene's against because he saved his daughter's life. 

Zoe encourages her dad to go to the next fire. When he does he runs into the Green Arrow 2.0. Dinah arrives and plans to take him into custody, but Rene manages to stop her and let the Green Arrow 2.0 get away. Dinah arrests Rene for tampering with her investigation. 

Diggle comes to the police station after getting a call from Rene. He talks to Dinah and she says she had to move on from being a vigilante, and provide a different kind of justice to Star City. Diggle reminds her that sometimes the best justice happens when the police and vigilantes work together. He gives her intel on the arsonists. 

Dinah releases Rene and is willing to bend the rules in order to get justice for the Glades if Rene is willing to do it her way. They find the arsonists at a movie theater. The Green Arrow 2.0 helps them out when they are overpowered. Dinah lets him and Rene go before the cops arrive.

 Dinah visits Rene the next day and gives Zoe a Canary pin. 


William and Roy are in a run down Star City. The coordinates Felicity left lead to an abandoned Smoak Tech building. William manages to get into a system and finds a black bag. Police find them, but before they can do anything, Dinah appears and takes them all out. She tells Roy he shouldn't have come back here. 

Roy asks Dinah what happened to Star City. She claims Star City fell once the Glades rose. They built a wall, and the SCPD are hired guns paid to protect everyone within those walls. William opens up the black bag and finds a Rubik's cube. 

After solving it, a visual map of the Glades appear and so does a grown-up Zoe, who is with the vigilante resistance. When Roy asks about her dad, she says Rene wouldn't be caught dead in Star City. 

When Dinah asks William where he got the Rubik's cube, he tells her Felicity. She responds to him by saying it can't be Felicity because she's dead.  

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Arrow Season 7 Episode 4 Quotes

Laurel: How did you get past by SCPD detail?
Felicity: You know I went to MIT, right? It's like Harvard for computer geeks with a 6.7% acceptance rate. So if I can get in there, I can get in pretty much anywhere. Except for here, which is why I had to resort to saying that we were sorority sisters.

William: We're going to die here.
Oliver: You're going to make it through this. You're going to get off this raft and you are going to have an amazing life because you are destined for great things.