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Team Arrow is stopped by the police on the roof. Dinah tries to explain that it wasn't them who slaughtered the other officers but the police don't listen. Oliver manages to distract them long enough to escape. The team regroups at the bunker and are joined by Curtis and Laurel. 

Oliver tells Felicity he needs to stop her to protect their family. Emiko arranges for multiple people to be at the precinct. Team Arrow tries to convince the police to evacuate the building but they won't budge. Turner shows up and takes out one of the officers and volunteers to help. 

Emiko's weapons appear and kill multiple people before Oliver freezes them with an arrow and stops them for the time being. A news anchor says Team Arrow's behind the "terroist" attack. Oliver tries to convince them Emiko can be saved. Laurel's the only one who agrees. 

Curtis informs them that Emiko still has several weapons left. Diggle tells Turner and Rene that Lyla will take their kids to safety while the rest of the team looks to stop the leftover weapons. 

Felicity informs the team they've located 15 new targets, one of them being Palmer Tech. which means destroying the Queen legacy.

Emiko's fellow Ninth Circle member tells her the Circle doesn't agree with her tactics anymore and that her personal vendetta is getting in the way of their mission. She says Oliver deserves to suffer and he will when he sees his city burn and his families to blame. 

Oliver tells Roy, Diggle, and Turner to find the device and destroy it before it detonates while he takes care of Emiko. The three engage in a brawl with the Ninth Circle. Laurel and Dinah join them alongside the police. 

Curtis informs them that there is still another device in the building. Team Arrow decides to evacuate the building but can't get in contact with Oliver, who is confronted by Emiko. 

Oliver tells Emiko it is over. Emiko asks what he did when her bomb doesn't go off. He says he'd has given her a second chance. Oliver tells Emiko he knows a hero is inside of her but her hatred of her father killed both him and her mother. He thinks together they can be better. 

Before she can answer, the Ninth Circle ambushes them. He says if Emiko doesn't kill Oliver they will. Emiko says the don't have the authority to be here. However, it's other leader says Emiko's getting in the way. She throws a knife at her but Oliver protects her. The two fight together to take out the Ninth Circle members. 

The new leader tells a Ninth Circle member to detonate the building. Emiko is stabbed by the Ninth Circle's new leader and dies in Oliver's arms. Before dying, she tells him that Felicity and the baby will die because she made sure of it before. She apologizes before saying she just wanted to be a Queen. She dies and Oliver escapes before the building explodes. 

Oliver thanks everyone for helping including Laurel. Rene gives his condolences over Emiko's death. Curtis informs Felicity about his new job promotion. Turner tells Diggle he wants to go back to his son. Oliver and Felicity inform the team that they are leaving Star City. 

Oliver says his greatest legacy isn't saving the city, it's Team Arrow. Oliver describes the four pillars of heroism, and they decide to get the Mark of Four, a signal that they will always be there for each other. 

Oliver tells Felicity he wishes he could tell the team about the baby, but he knows that they are safer from the Ninth Circle not knowing. Diggle tells them that the spirit of Team Arrow will carry on and Oliver's legacy will last forever. Diggle says its time to get them to their new home. 

Diggle says their new home is an ARGUS safehouse and they tell Diggle they are having a girl named Mia. Felicity tells Diggle that they will miss him so much before ordering him to take care of her monitors at the bunker. 

A few months later, Felicity gives birth to Mia and the two live out there days as a family in a secluded area. Felicity says she misses the team, but this has been so nice. Oliver suggests they try getting shared custody of William now that this is the new normal. 

The Monitor shows up. Oliver must pay a debt and The Monitor informs him that the next crisis in the multiverse will lead to his death. Felicity says this is why they can't have a normal life. Oliver insists he had to make the deal to save Barry and Kara. 

Oliver asks Felicity to promise him that she will keep Mia and William safe. Felicity promises that whatever happens to Oliver, he will never leave her. She swears their connection is bigger than the universe. Oliver says his only regret is not saying he loved her sooner. 


Galaxy One arrests everyone at the bunker. Mia manages to escape and fight them off as the rest of the team joins her. The Galaxy One officers take control but Connor dressed as one of them takes them all out. 

Rene and William are being escorted by a Galaxy One agent and discuss the bloodbath that will occur if G1 takes control. Zoe appears and helps them escape.  

Felicity informs Mia that she erased her from the Archer program. Mia and William are the only ones who can get to Archer's location and stop the virus since no one knows who they are in the city. 

Felicity worries about the lives her kids are living right now and believes she failed them both. Zoe, William, and Mia get ready to leave for the mission. Felicity hugs them goodbye and Roy hands Mia a bow and arrows. 

Mia, Zoe, and William almost get into the lab before being stopped by Dale. Mia manages to take out the soldier, but William informs them that the virus didn't work and Archer rebooted itself. 

Rene informs them that the only way they can access Archer is by going to the roof of the building in under four minutes. Mia knows she can do it with her bow and arrow. Felicity protests, but Mia tells her she has to do it. 

Mia manages to make it to the roof and attach the virus to Archer. Before she enables it she tells William to take care of Felicity. He tells her she has 60 seconds to escape, so she better get out. Mia manages to escape right before the building explodes. 

The team admires their work. Dinah and Felicity say they are passing the torch to the next generation. Dinah, Roy, and Felicity tell them they will take the fall for this and go into hiding again. 

Felicity meets Mia and William at Oliver's gravesite. She says the two of them don't need her anymore. She says its time for her to go on a journey of her own and tells them to promise her that they will take care. of each other. Oliver's gravesite shows that he dies in 2019. 

Felicity meets The Monitor and says that she's ready and that she's been waiting a very long time to see Oliver before entering the multiverse with him, never being able to return to her universe again.  

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Arrow Season 7 Episode 22 Quotes

Diggle: You know the spirit of this place will live long after we're gone. You've inspired so many people Oliver. They will carry on your legacy.
Oliver: Sounds like a cycle for good.
Diggle: Far better than that. A cycle of heroes who will fight to defend this city with every fiber of their being.
Felicity: Anyone ever told you, you always know exactly what to say?
Diggle: I have been told.

I...I...I wanted to be a Queen.