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Bianca Bertinelli, daughter of Helena, is kidnapped in Star City 2040. 

Mia is living in the Queen mansion with JJ. He proposes to her and she accepts.

Dinah has been misplaced in 2040 after the Crisis and no one knows she ever existed.

She is found by Laurel, who time travelled from 2020, and she tells her that Bianca will die and the city falls apart as a result.

Zoe is alive and well and Mia is a socialite. William and Mia grew up together. Connor has been in rehab.

Laurel and Dinah show up to Mia's graduation party and give her her memories of Earth-1 back.

Mia agrees to help Laurel and Dinah save Bianca. They plant bugs in Bianca's aunt and uncle's house.

They get a lead when Logan, Bianca's cousin, mentions moving something out of town. They track him and Deathstroke appears.

Mia tries to hack JJ's computer to prove he took Bianca, but he walks in and busts her.

Bianca makes a post on social media, but Laurel and Dinah still believe she's in trouble.

JJ wants him and Mia to take some space from one another.

Dinah decrypts Bianca's post and finds out it's fake. They track her location. 

They go to save Bianca and find out her ex-boyfriend, Trevor, is behind her kidnapping.

Trevor mentions a woman who pushed him into kidnapping Bianca. He blows up the roof while Mia, Laurel, Dinah, and Bianca escape.

Mia decides to become the Green Arrow.

Mia and JJ make up.

Laurel decides to stay in 2040. She tells Dinah that Star City blamed Mia for Bianca's death in the future.

Mia recognizes Trevor's tattoo on William's hozen.

William is kidnapped.

Someone gives JJ his memories of his life on Earth-1 back.


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Arrow Season 8 Episode 9 Quotes

Suit up.


Mia: Who is that?
William: Just the star of the Globe, the Gazette, byline, Channel 52, they all want to know if I'm the new Green Arrow.
Mia: Of course they do.
William: Isn't it a little misogynistic that they're not calling you as well? I mean, come on guys, it's 2040.