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Oliver wakes up in his apartment. Mia, William, and Connor walk in. They ask him why he is not at a fundraiser with Diggle.

Oliver arrives at the fundraiser. Lyla tells him that she is working as a double agent with The Monitor.

Oliver meets with the mayor; Quentin Lance.

Quentin tells him that he survived the gunshot wound given to him by Ricardo Diaz.

Oliver and Quentin go to a hostage scene at SCPD, where Dinah is in charge.

One of the mercenaries blows up the scene. Oliver wakes up in his apartment again, with his children and Connor walking in. The day is repeating itself.

Oliver goes to the fundraiser and tells Quentin that he is trapped in a time loop. He believes him and offers his help. They go to the hostage scene and tell Dinah about the bomb.

Oliver finds Laurel and she tells him that she is stuck in a time loop too. They are too late in stopping the bomb and agree to meet up at the fundraiser. The precinct blows up.

In another time loop, Oliver, Laurel, Dinah, and Quentin stop the bomb. A sniper shoots and kills Quentin.

Oliver wakes up in his apartment yet again.

Oliver thinks that saving Quentin is the key to getting out of the time loop.

Laurel takes Quentin to the bunker and tells him he died in her reality.

Oliver finds the location of the mercenaries' hideout. There, a bomb injures Oliver, Laurel, and Quentin. Lyla walks in and shoots Quentin.

Oliver wakes up. Diggle tells Oliver that Lyla has been called away on a ARGUS mission.

Oliver tells Laurel that he thinks The Monitor is testing them.

Oliver, Laurel, and Quentin figure out that Anderson White, the CEO of Global Solutions, is behind the attacks on Quentin. They go to their warehouse where Quentin is shot and killed.

Laurel is able to make peace with Quentin's death by saying goodbye to him.

Oliver wakes up and goes to the bunker. Lyla tells him Laurel broke out of time loop because she got what she needed. She advises him to do the same before she disappears.

Oliver and Quentin go to the warehouse. They figure out that Quentin is not the only one with a hit on him, and the operation runs a lot deeper than they thought.

The mercenaries shoot Quentin. He tells Oliver that it is time for Oliver to accept his death. Quentin sacrifices himself to the mercenaries.

Oliver wakes up. He tells his kids how proud of them he is.

Oliver makes his peace with Quentin; he can't change Quentin's fate, and he cannot change his own either.

Lyla tells Oliver that she has been working with The Monitor for awhile and that it is time for his last mission.

Oliver and Laurel wake up on Lian Yu. Diggle, Mia, William, and Connor meet with them.

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Arrow Season 8 Episode 6 Quotes

Quentin: Oliver, you take care of these guys, there will be more behind them, there will be more behind them. There is no saving me from this! Okay? You ever think that's the point? Maybe you're not supposed to.
Oliver: I'm not giving up. And, you're not giving up either.
Quentin: No no no, I'm not giving up. Maybe I'm giving in. You see, I've been outrunning death for awhile now. The siege, the island. And, when Diaz shot me, that felt different. Like I was finally at the end, and I made my peace with that. And, maybe it's time you did too.

Quentin: I'm sorry baby girl, look's like we lost this round.
Laurel: No! No, I'm not letting you die again.
Quentin: It's too late.
Laurel: No.
Quentin: It's time to say goodbye.
Laurel: I'm not giving up on you Quentin. Quentin, I'm not giving up on you. You never gave up on me. You believed in me when nobody else did.
Quentin: Well that's what dads do. They believe.
Laurel: I want you to know that you are the reason that I'm trying to be a hero. It's because of you.
Quentin: Sweetheart, you are a hero. You are.
Laurel: Thank you. Thank you, I never had the chance to tell you how much you mean to me.
Quentin: Well, I think you just did. I love you. I love you.