On Arrow Season 6 Episode 23, Team Arrow tries one last time to purge the city of its corrupt officials and kill Diaz. Watch Arrow online to see who wins Star City!

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When you watch Arrow Season 6 Episode 23 online you'll see just how far Oliver and Diaz are willing to go to win the city. When Team Arrow and the FBI infiltrate the police station, they find out Diaz has already moved camp, so they all rush on the information Anatoly gives them when he turns himself in that includes Diaz's secret base location. Diaz calls Lance and threatens to kill Laurel if he doesn't tell the FBI to leave Star City. When Team Arrow acts on Anatoly's information, they almost get blown up in the building Diaz rigged with explosives. After that plan doesn't work, Lance calls Diaz to tell him that he's willing to tell the FBI to leave Star City, but first, he needs to see proof that Laurel is alive. After Lance sees Laurel and refuses to tell the FBI to leave, Diaz tries to shoot Laurel, but Lance jumps in front of the bullet. Once they tracked Lance's pacer, Team Arrow converges on his location. Dinah Drake helps Laurel bring Lance to a paramedic, while Oliver fights Diaz. During the fight, Oliver gets close enough to his USB necklace for Felicity's sniffer to copy all of the people who are on his payroll, but Oliver can't make the kill due to Siren screaming Diaz off of the building. After While Lance is in surgery, Oliver tells everyone he made a deal with Agent Watson and gets arrested so he can get sent to a supermax prison. Before he goes, the doctor comes in with news that Lance died during surgery. With his last words as a free man, Oliver tells the world he's the Green Arrow.

Episode Details

On Arrow Season 6 Episode 23, now that he has a new ally on his team, Oliver decides to engage Diaz in an epic final battle on the season finale.

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Arrow Season 6 Episode 23 Quotes

Don’t let [Diaz] take this city!


Oliver: They don’t care if Siren is collateral damage.
Dinah: So, what are you saying?
Oliver: I’m saying it will be up to us to keep her safe.