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Amanda makes it to the cabin only minutes after Ash. She's going to help him fight this until the end. They enter the cabin, quips a comin'.

Ash's hand is inside the walls of the cabin (didn't know cabins had walls like that), but it's added a few passengers. Maggots.

Pablo and Kelly are totally lost and find a few Aussies. They ask if they can show them the way. Yep.

Ash goes out to the shed looking for a crowbar, He sees Linda's head and gets locked inside. 

Meanwhile, inside the cabin, the ancient tape recorder has turned on with the electricity. Amanda is freaked. 

But not as freaked as Ash, because Linda's head has come to life. She's been lonely. Everyone dies, and so will Amanda.

Amanda is investigating the cabin. She finds a rat. And a book. Inside the book is a description of the knife Ruby has in her car. Carved of human bone, the blade has otherworldly powers. But when placed upon the necromonicon, it seems to bite its flesh...

Ash comes up and hits on Amanda in a big way. But it's not Ash. It's a freaky tumor that grew out of a possessed hand. Ash is still locked inside the shed. Hes in there being attacked by all the weapons, such as saw blades and traps, while HandAsh is trying to break Amanda's skull. 

She managed to chop off his hand again and then chopped it into several different chunks. He got the upperhand, so to speak, and then used the cleaver to hack into her neck, she stumbled into the living room and fell onto the antlers, dying just like her partner did.

Kelly and Pablo arrive just as Ash is standing over her dead body and HandAsh had run away...who killed her? 

Ash and HandAsh get into a fight...each hoping to kill the other and the credits roll.

Ash vs Evil Dead
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Ash vs Evil Dead Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Everybody dies here, it's just the rules. Death, taxes, more death. And I don't pay taxes, so it's just death.


Wow. Last time I was here I was hopin' to get laid. Didn't quite work out that way. I did cut my own hand off with a chainsaw, though. Fun weekend.