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While driving in a rainstorm, Ruby swerves while something attempts to emerge from her stomach. She crashes her car while almost hitting two hitchhikers in the process.

One of the hitchhikers investigates the blood soaked interior of the car and finds Ruby, dead with her stomach ripped open. He finds a baby in the backseat, but when he picks him up, the child's face transforms and attacks him.

Ruby is revived and calms the baby, saying that while he was born from the image of Ash, he will be nothing like him. Ruby then kills the hitchhiker.

Brandy, still reeling over the loss of her mother and best friend, unsuccessfully tries to rest at Ash's house in Cheryl's old bedroom.

Ash attempts to cheer her up, but Brandy asks for a ride to school.

Pablo questions Kelly on newcomer Dalton, who explains that the Knights of Samaria have been fighting evil for a long time. He says that The Necronomicon is tied to master demons known as The Dark Ones. At one point, one of these demons betrayed the others, and banished them from our world.

Only the Prophesied One can defeat this evil for good.

Pablo is visited by a masked woman, who cryptically tells him that in order to keep the evil at bay that is etching into his skin, Pablo must seek out Brujo's magic.

Brandy arrives at school and meets with her guidance counselor who she confides in, and is revealed to be Ruby.

Remembering what Deadite Rachel said about his seed previously, Ash takes a trip to the town sperm bank to try and learn more and is greeted by Dr. Lam.

Suddenly, evil arrives at the lab and all hell breaks loose.

A fight ensues between Ash and a possessed Dr. Lam, where Ash eventually emerges victorious.

Ash returns to Pablo and Kelly to inform them that evil is after his daughter.

Elsewhere, Ruby has the other hitchhiker chained up in the nursery with her baby. She feeds the baby the limbs of the dismembered hitchhiker from earlier as she reveals that once her baby is strong enough and kills Ash and Brandy, her baby will become the new Prophesied One.

Ash vs Evil Dead
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Ash vs Evil Dead Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

Ash: How was I supposed to know that all that crazy sex would lead to a kid?
Kelly: Yeah funny how that works. You know what, let's just hope you didn't leave any more Brandy's out there.
Ash: Jesus of Anaheim.

You may be born from the image of that idiot Ash, but you'll be nothing like him.