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At Brandy's mother's funeral, Ash learns from the funeral director that they reattached Candace's head for the viewing service. This prompts Ash to check on the body, to make sure Candace does not return to life as a Deadite.

When Ash opens the casket, he finds Candace apparently dead. When Ash attempts to leave, he turns back to find the coffin is now empty, making Ash's fear a reality.

As he approaches the coffin to investigate, he is pulled in by Candace and proceeds to attack him. Ash is able to defeat her by decapitating her once again, but gets knocked out when the casket lid closes on him.

Later on during the funeral service, Brandy is giving her mother's eulogy when Ash suddenly pops out of the casket, as Candace's head rolls out onto the floor, much to everyone's horror.

Ash puts the head back in, closes the lid and joins the rest of the congregation. Brandy, overwhelmed with emotion, is unable to continue and leaves.

Ruby, in the guise of Brandy's guidance counselor, reveals herself to Ash. Brandy returns and Ash attempts to warn her of Ruby, but merely pushes her further away as she says that she wants to stay with Ruby.

Ruby warns Ash to stand down or Brandy will suffer the consequences.   

Kelly, Pablo and Dalton arrive at the church and Ash informs them of Ruby's return.

Pablo sees the masked woman again, who tells him to seek out the Kandarian dagger, as it is the key to warding off the evil affecting him.

The trio head back to where the cabin once stood and begin searching for the dagger. As soon as Kelly locates it, the evil presence arrives and attack, killing and infecting Dalton.

Kelly finds Dalton impaled on a tree, who tries to convince her to give him the dagger. When she refuses, he attacks her. However, Pablo arrives in the pickup truck and rams into Dalton. Kelly goes to investigate, but finds that they are both gone.

Ruby goes to a nearby cemetery and ressurrects Ash's father, Brock, although now an evil incarnation. Brock returns to Ash's house and befriends Brandy, who arrives to claim her things before leaving to move in with Ruby.

Ash arrives and is hesitant of Brock's return. The two fight, with Ash ending up killing Brock with his chainsaw while Brandy watches in horror.

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Ash vs Evil Dead Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Well uh ... rest in peace Candy Barr. You were cursed with a dumb name, but uh ... I'll always remember you. Or
at least, I'll never forget you again.


Funeral Director: You must be the husband of the deceased.
Ash: Yeah for like an hour and a half.