Lilly and Astrid Covered In Goo - Astrid & Lilly Save the World Season 1 Episode 1
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The scene opens with Astrid and Lilly disecting a disgusting monster full of goo.

They rip out the monster's tongue, and put it in a strange object.

Suddenly he comes back to life.

Cut to a time before they knew about monsters, Astrid and Lilly are outcasts in their high school.

They stalk their fellow classmates and keep track of what they do.

They are their only friends, but their friendship shines.

They head to a highschool party, even though no one at the party is happy to see them. They get bullied very quickly, because they aren't "normal."

The bullying hurts them, but they cheer themselves with self-love.

They take the things they collected while patrolling and burn the items, as a form of getting rid of the haters.

They start sceraming and yelling and genuinly enjoying themsevles, but when they say "we want you all to evaporate" backwords, lighting and thunder strike and the moon turns pink.

A monster appears in the sewers, and the next day they learn that one of their classmates (the bully) has gone missing.

The girls spend the rest of the day at school trying to figure out what could happen, and later that evening go to try and get to the bottom of it.

They find weird stuff on their search, including an attractive man.

He reveals that they opened a portal to another dimension, and that the portal was created by their pain.

He also reveals that they are the only ones that are able to close the portal.

To prove he's real, he lets his horn on his head appear, but they still don't believe him.

Meanwhile, the monster kidnaps another one of their classmates, and he feeds off of their tears. He also takes out the eyeballs of the female classmate.

Their superpowers are kicking in, causing Lilly to have leg cramps and Astrid to have a weird sense of smell.

They learn they need 10 monster body parts to put into a relic to close the portal, the first being the tontoom from tearjerker.

They leave to go hunt down Tearjerker, armed with the tools that Brutus gave them to take out the monster.

Tearjerker spots Lilly, and starts to insult her like the bullies, which causes her to shed a few tears.

They pull the tontoom (revealed to be tongue) out of the monster, but he then comes back to life.

Lilly saves the hostages and Astrid grabs the gun filled with the water to finish him off.

They save their classmates, and return to school the enxt day like everything is normal.

Flashing to a church, an overprotective mom witnesses some sort of entitiy in the church, and she believes that the creature is a being of the Lord.

Astrid & Lilly Save the World
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Astrid & Lilly Save the World Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Astrid: What Spell?
Brutus: Oh you know, the one where you were standing 7.263 feet from each other. The copper, the fir tree bark, and the _____ when you were howling your intense pain at the moon. "aahhhhh"
Lilly: And then we said "we want you all to evaporate" backwords!
Brutus: What? No, no, only the stuff that I said.
Astrid: Why are we listening to this lunatic?
Brutus: And you really should've known better than to do it on the third Sunday of the ninth month during the pink moon! Come on.

Brutus: Look, I can't make you stay. Rule number 6795c. But you should know, the thing that has your friend is called the Tearjerker and it targets literally that cries for any reason at all.
Astrid: We gotta go. Let's go.