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Batwoman subdues one of Alice's minons in an alley and demands his jacket. After he hands it over, she uses a grappling hook to leave and police arrive to arrest him.

At the Batcave, Kate gives Luke the jacket and tells him to check the GPS data on the phone in its pocket, hoping to find Alice's lair.

Tracking her down, Kate confronts her about the Rifle trying to kill Batwoman and Alice explains she saved her by taking the tech that made the coil accelerator effective against the Batsuit.

When Kate notices that Alice still has the picture of them at their bat mitzvahs, Alice acts like it doesn't matter and tells her to take it and leave.

Jacob gets jumped at a motel by Alice's henchmen and taken prisoner.

Mary asks Kate to join her at the gala honoring her mother and Kate says no because she couldn't betray Jacob that way. Mary informs her that Jacob has decided to attend.

Kate confronts Jacob at Crows HQ about forgiving Catherine and he explains that she was just trying to help.

The real Jacob wakes up bound in the basement of the Cartwright's house with Alice there, watching him. He apologizes for failing her and she thanks him for making her into the person she is now. After hinting that something big will happen at her mad tea-party, she leaves him there.

Kate is venting at Luke about Jacob's strange decision to forgive Catherine when she realized that Jacob really not behaving like himself and that he's probably Mouse in disguise. She proves it by calling Jacob and tricking him into a factual error.

Sophie tries to convince Tyler to go on a road-trip with her to mend their relationship. He's lukewarm to the idea. Kate tries to call but Sophie ignores it. Jacob enters the office and begins going over the plan for the gala. Kate texts Sophie that Mouse is impersonating Jacob and Sophie receives the message right before Jacob tranquilizes both Sophie and Tyler.

Mary rides the same limo with Catherine and Jacob to the gala. Jacob proposes a toast and they all drink champagne.

Kate asks Alice where the real Jacob is and Alice directs her to the Cartwright house but he is gone when Kate arrives.

Luke analyzes Mouse's facial disguise while he's talking to a Crow and realizes when he analyzes the Crow that he's not actually a Crow so he must also be working for Alice.

Catherine begins an acceptance speech, reading it from a teleprompter.

Sophie and Tyler wake up bound together, in Crows HQ still. They can't be seen or heard from the floor of the headquarters. Sophie reasons that Mouse didn't kill them because Alice still wants a relationship with Kate and killing Sophie would ruin any chance of that. Tyler knows this is because Kate is still in love with Sophie.

Catherine's teleprompter inserts a message from Alice and Alice appears in the aisle on the audience. Catherine has to keep reading the speech or everyone dies. Her speech confesses her company's role is supplying weapons to the criminals of Gotham while Jacob's Crows charge huge fees to protect the people of Gotham from the criminals.

She finishes the speech and notices blood dripping from her nose. She passes out. Mary calls for medical help while Mouse/Jacob makes Catherine comfortable. He tells Mary to take over while he goes out to meet the medics, taking her phone with him when he leaves.

The audience at the gala tries to leave but the Crows on duty block the doors and force them to stay.

Batwoman arrives at the venue and fights her way into the gala. 

Sophie and Tyler manage to cut through their bonds using her engagement ring. He tries to get her to explain her relationship with Kate but she deflects.

Mouse/Jacob calls off the medical support, stating that they've been infiltrated and everyone will die if anyone tries to save them.

Catherine asks Mary where Jacob is and Alice arrives and tells them that Jacob is gone. She informs them that Catherine's been poisoned with a neurotoxin developed by her own company and which has no antidote. However, Alice has a vial of a cure-all solution from Coryana -- the item she traded the coil accelerator to Safiyah -- and Catherine just has to apologize.

Catherine makes a heart-felt apology and Alice offers her the antidote. Just then, Mary's nose begins to bleed. Alice tells them that they'd both been poisoned but there's only enough antidote for one of them.

She leaves and Catherine insists that Mary take the antidote. 

Batwoman confronts Alice in the hall and Alice reveals her need for revenge on Catherine and Mary as well as Jacob. Batwoman begins to straggle her but can't finish the task. Mouse/Jacob pushes Batwoman over the railing.

Mary and Catherine share some loving final moments together before Catherine dies.

Jacob wakes up in his SUV and calls Kate who tests him to see if he's actually Jacob. She tells him that Alice and Mouse were at the gala but the GCPD roll up before she can tell him more. The police arrest him for Catherine's murder.

Kate finds Mary at her clinic but Mary's done with trying to connect with Kate. She asks her again if Alice is worth it and Kate admits that she isn't. Mary is glad that Kate understands that but sad that it's too late for them.

At Crows HQ, Sophie tries to convince the police that the Jacob they have isn't the murderer. Tyler comes clean about his needs and Sophie admits that she doesn't know if she's in love with him or not. He tells her she needs to figure herself out and come back if she wants the same things he wants. He doesn't promise to be there when she's figured it out.

Kate sees Jacob in police holding and they vow to deal with Alice together once he's free.

A stinger scene shows Harrison Wells opening a portal and being sucked through, an adventure to be continued on the Crisis of Infinite Earths crossover event.

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Batwoman Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Kate: Did you hire the Rifle to kill me?
Alice: Says the walking, talking, living girl.

If you are going to kidnap me again, do wait until I can dolly up into something with a little more flair.