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Central City, Earth-1: Sara, Kara, and Kate mourn Oliver and debate his choices.

Harbinger arrives and confesses she hasn't been able to tell Diggle yet about Oliver.

Ray and The Monitor debate the use of the Wave-Rider. Harbinger says that they don't need the Wave-Rider, just Ray's lab.

Earth-74: Harbinger arrives on a Wave-Rider with a Leonard Snart AI and a single occupant, Heat Wave, who is squatting in the abandoned ship trying to write a romance comic. Harbinger convinces Heat Wave to let the team use the Wave-Rider.

Aboard the Wave-Rider, The Monitor addresses the team and reveals there are seven Paragons who can defeat the Anti-Monitor. He also explains that he retrieved the Book of Destiny the team destroyed during the Elseworlds mission. A vision of the book causes Harbinger some unexplained discomfort.

Monitor identifies Kara as the Paragon of Hope and Sara as the Paragon of Destiny, but only that the Paragon of Truth is a Kryptonian who has suffered enormous loss and the Paragon of Courage is known as the "bat of the future."

Lois and Clark decide to seek the Kryptonian while Kate leads the team heading to Earth-99 to look for Bruce Wayne.

Lex Luthor arrives while Kara is reviewing the computer footage of Earth-38 being destroyed. The Monitor explains that he brought Luthor back because he still has a part to play. Kara says she can't trust someone who considers Luthor an ally. Kate meets Lex and follows Kara to the mess hall to talk. She convinces Kara to join her in the search for Bruce Wayne.

Harbinger's discomfort is worsening and she realizes Luthor has the Book of Destiny. Luthor opens a portal and takes the book with him as he sets out to kill all Supermans. Harbinger can't stop him and when the Monitor enters the room to confirm that Luthor has taken the book, she accuses him of planning this all along.

Barry tells Iris that he wants to bring Oliver back with a Lazarus Pit. Iris is on the mission to find the Kryptonian.

Sara and Mia discuss the plan to use a Lazarus Pit on Oliver. Sara tries to warn her but Mia isn't interested in her advice.

Gotham City, Earth-99: Kate and Kara approach Wayne Manor. Luke opens the door but rejects her introduction as Bruce cousin and shuts the door in their faces.

Kara kicks down the door and they enter to find Luke holding a gun on them. Bruce Wayne calls him off and enters in a robotic body cast. He recognizes Kate, except that the Earth-99 Kate Kane died five years ago. He demands to know who she is.

Metropolis, Earth-75: Lois and Clark are looking for the Superman on this Earth when Iris messages Lois to let her know the Lex Luthor is using the Book of Destiny to kill Supermans. The news shows that Lex has already killed Earth-75's Superman.

Onboard the Wave-Rider: Mia and Sara are meeting with Constantine who is advising against using a Lazarus Pit. Barry insists and Constantine casts a spell to track down an Earth with a functioning Lazarus Pit.

Smallville, Earth-167: Clark-167 is chopping wood on his farm. Iris, Lois, and Clark-38 try to explain the situation. Clark-167 reveals that Lex Luthor is President but they disappear when Lex-38 appears with the Book of Destiny. Lex-38 tries to kill him with Kryptonite but Clark-167 takes it from him and throws it away. He explains that it has no effect on him since he gave up his powers. Lex is incredulous but Clark-167 is happy with a family and a normal life. Lex thinks it's ridiculous and leaves.

Wayne Manor, Earth-99: Bruce Wayne laughs at the idea that he is the Paragon of Courage. He shows Kate a paper from a few years back claiming Batman's reign of terror at an end. This Batman killed many, many people and is now just waiting to die. Kate offers him the chance to be a hero again.

On board the Wave-Rider: Ray is trying to build a Paragon-detector but Jonathan's crying and Mick's reading of a romance novel is distracting him.

Metropolis, Earth-96: Iris, Lois, and Clark-38 enter the Daily Planet offices and run into Clark-96 who looks exactly like Ray Palmer.

Gotham-99: Luke and Kara get to know each other. Kara discovers that Batman-99 killed Superman-99.

Earth-96: Clark-96 is the editor-in-chief of the Daily Planet. On his office wall are commemorative plaques for all his friends, co-workers, and Lois Lane. They were killed in a gas attack by a Gotham villain. Lois recognizes him as the Paragon of Truth, having suffered more loss than anyone could endure.

Clark-96 and Clark-38 suit up to face Lex Luthor but Lex arrives and sets Clark-96 to attack Clark-38. While Lex is distracted, Lois hits him over the head. Lois manages to get through to Clark-96 and revert him back to himself.

North Dakota, Earth-18: Constantine, Sara, Mia, and Barry find the Lazarus Pit in a mine. Mia and Sara clear it out while Barry and Constantine fetch Oliver's body. The mine's owner comes in to cause trouble and Mia and Sara take care of him. The men return with Oliver.

Gotham-99: Bruce-99 tells Kate the world doesn't deserve saving. Kara arrives to tell Kate about Superman-99. Bruce punches her with a Kryptonite weaponized glove, injurying her.

Earth-18: The group waits for Oliver to revive. He does suddenly, leaping out of the Pit and attacking everyone until Sara tranquilizes him.

Gotham-99: Kate tells Bruce-99 that he'll need to kill her if he wants to hurt Kara. They fight and his suit malfunctions, electrocuting him. He dies, telling Kate there is no hope.

On board the Wave-Rider: Ray and Clark-96 compare notes on life. Lois introduces Clark-96 to Jonathan and Clark-96 says he looks exactly like his son, Jason. Lex is contained, having done his job in leading the team to Clark-96. Kate and Kara arrive to inform everyone that Bruce-99 is dead. Kara accuses the Monitor of being a bad person. Ray switches on his Paragon-detector. 

The detector indicates there are multiple paragons on the Wave-Rider. The Monitor informs Kate that she is the Paragon of Courage, the Bat of the Future.

Earth-18: Constantin tries to conjure up Oliver's soul but it isn't working.

On board the Wave-Rider: Kara and Kate discuss Kate's role as the paragon. Kara gives her a photograph she found in Bruce's library of Beth and Kate from Earth-99, grown up and happy together. Kara shares that she plans to use the Book of Destiny to bring Earth-38 back. She heads out and when she's gone, Kate pulls Bruce-99's Kryptonite holder from her pocket.

Harbinger is hearing more voices. She hears a voice call her and she disappears from the Wave-Rider. When she reappears, she is recruited by the Anti-Monitor to do his bidding.

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Batwoman Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Not to rush a tender moment but I think the multiverse is ending... soonish?

Kate Kane

Oliver died the way he lived. A hero.

Sara Lance