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Batwoman rides her new Bat-motorbike to stop a runaway subway train with a grappling hook. When the hook comes loose a nearby male police officer saves her and creates a photo op for nearby onlookers with cell phones. This sparks some Batwoman love speculation.

Officer "Slam" Bradley makes the headlines, annoying Kate intensely. Luke notices her preoccupation with Jacob's upcoming trial.

Alice and Mouse have a tea party next to Catherine Hamilton-Kane's headstone in the rain. Mouse points out that Kate is shunning Alice altogether. 

Mary signs off from her socia media accounts after her followers turn on her in light of the news about Jacob's trial and Catherine's company's wrongdoings. Kate comes in to see what she can do to help with Jacob's case but Mary tells her everything is handled.

Kate and Luke examine the runaway train and Kate finds a controller stowed under one of the seats. As they're discussing how the subway brakes were hacked, their phones -- as well as every other screen in Gotham -- are sent a message by the hacker demanding money or everyone's secrets will be revealed.

When the mayor tries to calm the city's fears, his live television feed is hacked and his personal credit card number is shared on the ticker.

Luke shuts down the Batcave in the interests of preventing the hacker from exposing Kate's identity. Kate insists on turning it back on to analyze the control box from the subway.

In prison, Jacob is eating alone when he finds a razor blade in his meatloaf. When an inmate taunts him, Jacob offers him his plate and leaves. On the phone with Mary, he expresses his concern for her mental well-being but she brushes is off and focuses on his trial.

Batwoman arrives at the source of the controller's transmitter and finds Sophie with her Crows trying to beat a confession out of the hackers they've apprehended. Sophie loses control and storms out of the building after pistol whipping a man.

Batwoman follows her out and Sophie hears her and asks for life advice.

Mary stops Dr. Campbell in the university plaza in hopes that he'll testify at Jacob's trial about the potential use of skin masks to frame someone. He tells her it's just not possible.

Kate returns to the Batcave and questions whether she should let Gotham continue to believe that Batwoman is straight. 

Luke reveals the Terrier Terrorist is female by playing back her extortion recording. Kate hears something in the background and realizes the hacker goes to Gotham Prep.

Mary talks to Sophie who recommends talking with Kate since she also lost her mother. While they're talking Mary sees Alice in a brunette wig walk into the university. She follows.

Batwoman rappels into a Gotham Prep school dance to find out who the Terrier is. Students swarm her for selfies and then she sets off a disruptor bomb that knocks out everyone's phone. With Batvision goggles, she sees one student with an active phone leave the room and follows.

In the girls' bathroom, Parker Torres confesses that she pranked the subway. Turns out she wants the money to get out of Gotham because she's gay and her ex outed her to her parents. She unloads on Batwoman about her self-hatred and storms out of the bathroom.

A Crows vehicle rolls up to the university and Sophie leads a team in to bash in the door of a random student's dorm room.

Meanwhile, Alice arrives at Gotham Prep in her usual blondeness and runs into Parker.

Batwoman attacks Alice and tells Parker to run but Alice knocks them both out. Alice takes Parker to the school's wood shop and terrorizes her with an electric saw.

Batwoman arrives and Alice says that Parker is a part of her plan but first, Alice wants Batwoman to give up her hero persona and take off the mask.

Sophie finds Mary packing up her clinic and discloses that her marriage has fallen apart and she's feeling out of control.

Batwoman removes the cowl and wig to stop Alice from hurting Parker. Parker's amazed to see Kate Kane.

Alice's plan is to have Parker out Kate to everyone as Batwoman and, if she doesn't, the dance is rigged with C4 explosives.

Kate insists that Parker send the message out to all the city's cell phones. Parker resists but Kate forces her to. Parker sends the message. When Sophie sees her phone, she leads the Crows to Gotham Prep. Alice is happy with the message she sees and lets Parker go. Kate restrains Alice and demands to know how to disarm the bomb.

Alice freaks out that Kate needs to stop being a hero and start being her sister but Kate states that her sister is dead and Alice is evil. Hearing the sirens, Alice realizes Parker fooled her. The students have evacuated and the Crows and GCPD have arrived. Unfortunately, Mouse has the detonator and blows the bomb when Officer Bradley is in the line of backdraft. Batwoman saves him but when he tries to kiss her, she's very clear that isn't an option.

Parker visits Kate in her office where Kate lays down the law on how she will make amends for her prank and extortion. Before she leaves, Kate also offers Parker a safe place to talk about her problems.

In Crows holding, Alice is in chains and Sophie informs her that she'll be there until she gives up Mouse.

In the Batcave, Luke brings Kate a cupcake to celebrate her birthday and her "cover girl" status. Kate's on the cover of Catco magazine, coming out as a proud lesbian. The article is written by Kara Danvers.

Parker is ecstatic about the article, walking to school.

Kate goes to see Mary who really needs a hug.

Jacob wishes Kate a happy birthday on the phone. Entering her office, Kate finds the brunette version of Alice waiting for her. This version isn't sure why everything has changed after a "semester abroad" and Kate grabs her, asking who she is and checking to see if she's Mouse in disguise. The brunette insists she is "Beth."

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Batwoman Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Luke: Wow... 'Slam' is Mr. March in the annual 'Hunks of the GCPD' calendar.
Kate: Handcuffs are a nice touch.

Luke: I gotta say, I can't really blame people for shipping you and Captain America.
Kate: Can we NOT have this conversation? I'm very, very gay.
Luke: Have you not seen Batwoman? Major straight vibes.