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Nocturna seduces her victim and then bites him, bending his will to hers and then draining his blood.

Luke, Kate, and Mary discuss Beth's death and prepare for Alice's retaliation.

Jacob is released and visits Beth's corpse in the morgue with Sophie.

Alice is waiting for Mouse at their rendezvous point but the gang returns from the hospital with only the toy panda.

Luke gives Kate the necklace Beth wore. He also presents her with the news report on Gotham's vampire for a change of pace.

Batwoman stakes out the nightclub Curse and finds Nocturna's newest victim. They fight and Nocturna bites Batwoman, knocking her out. When she comes to, Nocturna is tying her up. The Crows arrive and Nocturna leaves with the blood she drained from the other victim.

Sophie finds Batwoman, still paralyzed from Nocturna's bite. She unties her and warns her that the next time they run into each other, she'll have to take her in.

Kate goes to Mary to have her blood tested. Ketamine is detected and Luke figures that's how Nocturna is subduing her victims. Kate decides to lay a trap at the grand opening of her bar.

Jacob returns to the Crows and gives them a pep talk. He sends Sophie to keep an eye on things at the grand opening of Kate's bar.

With Luke surveilling the bar's attendees, Mary spots Sophie and then encourages to hit on a newcomer named Elle. Luke IDs Elle Scantlin as a potential Nocturna and points Kate her way.

Jacob is given the surveillance footage from the warehouse where Sophie freed Batwoman.

Kate serves a couple of drinks to Elle and Sophie. When cutting the limes, she cuts her finger to trigger a response in Elle who immediately gets queasy and asks for a glass of water, confessing that she's a blood wimp.

Sophie gets a text from Jacob and heads back to the office.

Luke rescues Mary from a fan but Kate calls him back to the office when she sees Alice waiting for her in the alley. Alice wants Mouse back and lets Kate know that she understands that she means nothing to Kate.

Alice returns to her lair to vent about Kate to a mannequin stand-in for Mouse. Nocturna surprises her and bites her.

While Luke and Kate are going through surveillance footage, he brings up the alley recording of her and Alice. As the recording runs, Kate spots someone following Alice away. Nocturna is IDed as Natalia Knight.

While tied up, Alice tries to talk Nocturna into letting her live by hinting at the antidote in Mary's blood.

Jacob confronts Sophie about Batwoman.

Batwoman finds Alice but Nocturna is gone.

Mary's leaving the bar when she sees a girl struggling to walk in the alley. When she goes to help her, Nocturna surprises them both by attacking Mary.

Kate realizes that Nocturna's hiding out at Gotham Cathedral. She also figures out that Alice did something to save her own life but Alice refuses to tell.

Batwoman finds Mary but Nocturna attacks her. Before she's able to bite her, Alice knocks her off Batwoman. Alice offers to transfuse her blood into Mary to save her while Batwoman tracks down Nocturna.

Batwoman confronts Nocturna in the bell tower. They fight and Batwoman stuns Nocturna with the UV light Luke gave her.

Jacob suspends Sophie from duty and orders her to choose between Batwoman and the Crows.

Mary recovers in her own clinic. Kate visits and asks her what she remembers. Mary says that Nocturna wanted her blood for the Coryana Desert Rose antidote in it.

Kate goes to Alice's hideout and makes it clear that she feels no guilt over trying to let her die. She leaves and one of the gang brings Alice information on Dr. Campbell. She realizes that Campbell is August Cartright.

Mary pieces together information that she's heard over the last few days and realizes that Kate is Batwoman.

Sophie turns on the Bat Signal to summon Batwoman and tells her about Jacob finding out about them working together. Batwoman is willing to bow out and let her choose the Crows but Sophie kisses her instead.

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Batwoman Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

Luke: Does this mean you're suiting up?
Kate: I've always wanted to slay a vampire.

If my twin picked my alien doppelganger's life over mine, I'd be on the verge of going nuclear. No offense.