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Jacob and Sophie meet with Dr. Ethan Campbell and discuss how Mouse managed to impersonate Jacob and frame him for Catherine's murder. The expert wants to meet Mouse and says he may be able to sign the document stating Jacob could've been framed if he is convinced of Mouse's ability.

Sophie orders the Crows to shoot to kill if they see Alice.

Luke and Mary try to get Beth out of town before the Crows see her and accidentally kill her, thinking she is Alice. At a Crows checkpoint, Beth hides in the backseat but has another headache causing her to whimper and the Crows pull their weapons, ordering Mary and Luke out of the car.

Batwoman arrives and incapacitates the Crows on site and tells Mary and Luke to go. She leaves.

Alice kills a Crow in an alley with her butterfly knife. Immediately afterwards, she has a headache.

At the same time, Beth is having a headache in Kate's office. Kate checks in and Beth tells her that Batwoman saved them. Mary identifies Beth's issue as her cells deteriorating at the molecular level. Beth theorizes that all this is happening because she and Alice were never meant to co-exist in the same universe. Mary calculates that they have seven hours before both Alice and Beth die.

Kate heads to Crow HQ to talk to Sophie.

At the hospital, Alice is dressed as a Crow, coughing up blood. She enters Mouse's room but he thinks she's Beth. Once he knows she's really Alice, he tells her about Beth and then notices that Alice's ear is bleeding. She changes her plans and leaves to find out about the lookalike.

Batwoman has a word with Sophie about calling off the shoot-to-kill order. Sophie refuses.

Dodgson follows Jacob into the washroom in the prison and stabs him.

Beth and Luke are brainstorming ideas when Alice walks in. They try to explain the multi-verse collapse to her. Kate walks in. Alice figures out that on Beth's Earth, her Kate saved her after the car crash.

Alice tries to kill Beth but Kate snatches the knife out of mid-air. Suddenly, both Alice and Kate are struck by another headache. Alice leaves while Kate and Luke are tending to Beth.

Dodgson and Jacob fight. Reggie saves Jacob just as Dodgson is going to kill him and demands that Jacob get him out once he's been released.

Alice goes to Mary for help. She realizes that Mary drank the antidote made from the Coryana Desert Rose and it would still be in her system. She knocks Mary out.

Dr. Campbell visits Mouse and reveals that he is actually Mouse's father in disguise, August Cartright. He demands that Mouse reveal where Alice is but Mouse stands up to him and refuses to betray Alice. August injects Mouse with a needle.

Alice extracts blood from an unconscious Mary. Mary wakes up and tackles her, knocking the syringe away. Mary locks Alice to a hospital beed and leaves with the syringe. Alice phones in a phony tip on where to find "Alice"

The Crows surround Wayne Tower. To escape, Kate and Luke take Beth to the Bat Cave.

In Mary's clinic, Alice sees Catherine who tells her that she shows no remorse and that's why Kate will pick Beth.

Kate shares her secret with Beth while they hide in the Bat Cave. Mary calls and Kate goes out to meet her. Mary gives her the syringe of her blood and lets her make the choice as to which sister she saves.

Kate goes to Alice in Mary's clinic. Alice thinks it's because she chose to save her but she's already given Beth the injection. She promises to stay with Alice until she's gone.

Luke takes Beth on the Bat Motorcycle to get past the checkpoints.

Cartright has taken Mouse to a warehouse and redisguised himself as Dr. Campbell. He leaves, promising to return.

Luke and Beth get off the bike and take their helmets off. Sophie is watching with a sniper rifle trained on Beth but hesitates and calls in back-up to arrest her instead. A shot rings out and Beth falls bleeding into Luke's arms. Dr. Campbell puts his gun away and leaves.

In the clinic, Kate thought Alice had died and cries but suddenly Alice revives and she knocks Kate out with a metal tray.

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Batwoman Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

Mary: Tell them I'm going into labor and we need to get to a hospital.
Lucas: Um, have you seen you?

You want to prove to this city, from Alice to every two-bit criminal wannabe, that you're a force to be reckoned with? Well then, you eliminate the threat. At any cost.