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Jacob meets a man in an alley and exchanges cash for information on the Jack Napier painting from Kate's phone. The informant says the painting is held by the Collective.

His informant is suddenly killed by a man wielding a spear from Coryana. The attacker takes out Jacob's Crow backup but is hooked by Batwoman before he can make a move on Jacob.

Jacob tells Batwoman to give the attacker to him but she points out she's got a better chance of finding Kate than he does. She points to graffiti on the alley wall. ACAB="All Crows Are Bastards"

Angelique makes Ryan breakfast, annoyed by reports that Batwoman is working with Jacob Kane. She reveals that Ryan was thrown in jail for taking Angelique's stash to stop her partying. To apologize for those 18 months of prison, she gives Ryan a gift, matching bracelets.

Angelique sees Ryan's kryptonite wound and freaks out. She insists Ryan get it looked at so she goes to Mary. Ryan asks Mary to keep this injury a secret from Luke.

Ryan has the Coryana assassin tied up in a Bat Cell but Luke doesn't think they have time to wait him out.

Jacob has Evan Blake who probably belongs to the Collective. Evan describes how Kate helped him come out in high school. When Sophie and Jacob mention the Collective, he bolts.

Sophie offers to ask Batwoman for access to the prisoner.

Alice has the Burnside Motel staked out, looking for Ocean. She recalls meeting him on the island and decides to hold off executing him until she understands what this means.

She walks into a bar and gets hit on. She scares him off.

Ocean's sitting at the other end of the bar and applauds her. She joins him.

Sophie lights the signal and brings Batwoman. She offers their information on Coryana for access to her prisoner. She admits that Kate is the love of her life. There is a masked ninja listening in. This is Wolf Spider, a notorious rogue graffiti artist.

Ryan talks with Luke and Mary but really doesn't want to work with the Crows.

Luke comes to find her and their compare Crow horror stories. Ryan tells him about the night she took Angelique's stash and how the Crows got her. Luke tells her about the Crows killing his father.

Batwoman lets Sophie and Jacob question the man from Coryana. He lets slip that the painting will lead them to Coryana. He then commits suicide by cyanide capsule.

Sophie offers Batwoman the chance to steal the Napier painting.

Alice and Ocean have a drinking contest. Ocean reveals he works with soil but gets up to leave when she pushes for where he's from.

Ocean doesn't seem to remember her so she resumes her plan to kill him. As she goes to enter his room, she gets punched out.

She wakes up tied to a chair with Ocean reading on the bed. He has her knife and she explains Safiyah's mission and the fact that Safiyah has her sister.

Ocean reveals that he's Safiyah's brother.

Mary styles Ryan for the Collective party and preps her on Evan Blake.

Luke brings the game plan, including a Batarang to use as an entrance fee. Evan's suspicious still but Angelique spots her and poses as her cover.

Angelique is dealing even though she herself isn't using anymore. Ryan doesn't have a quick answer for why she's at the party though.

Ryan checks in with Luke and then with Sophie. She gets eyes on the Napier painting and Luke is able to analyze the image through a pair of transmitter glasses. She then takes a paint sample and saves it to a device. Evan Blake appears and has a weird chat.

Luke informs Ryan she'll need to steal the painting in order for them to restore the canvas under what Napier splattered on it.

Ocean critiques Alice's assassin skills. As he attempts to strangle Alice, he has a flashback of a fight with Safiyah. Alice suggests they give Safiyah a call.

Ryan finds the Batsuit in the bathroom while Wolf Spider arrives at the party outside.

The kryptonite wound gives Ryan pause while Wolf Spider takes off with the painting.

They fight and Wolf Spider makes a break for it. Batwoman is unable to pursue due to the kryptonite wound and calls on the Crow back up to slow him down if they can.

The Crows try shooting at Wolf Spider but end up having to side-swipe him with the car instead. They get the painting and leave the unconscious body on the tarmac where Batwoman finds him. She unmasks him and discovers it's Evan Blake.

Mary attends to Evan in her clinic. Luke comes in to check on Ryan but she deflects to the fact she never wanted to work with the Crows in the first place.

Ocean and Alice wait for Safiyah's callback and discuss Safiyah and how their memories are gapped. Alice notices three people getting out of a car outside and Ocean identifies them as assassins. Between the two of them, they manage to kill the assassins and escape.

Sophie brings Batwoman the badges of the Crows that hit Evan with their vehicle. Batwoman demands she expose the Crows but Sophie refuses.

Evan wakes up and greets Mary Hamilton. She advises him to be safer.  He admits he was trying to steal it for Kate. Mary tells him that the sample Batwoman got proved the painting was a forgery.

Ryan examines her wound and realizes it's getting worse.

Alice and Ocean are on the run. Alice has a flashback of kissing him on Coryana. Ocean tells her to pull a white tube out of the back seat. Napier's painting is in it.

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Batwoman Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

What do you call it when you're sure you've met someone you're sure you've never met?


Angelique: Hey, what is this?
Ryan: It's a work injury.
Angelique: You fall on a corkscrew?