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Snakebite production and distribution makes the news in Gotham. Batwoman approaches a user and asks him for his dealer.

She chases him down in the Batmobile. A flashback to her kryptonite wound distracts her and there's a near-miss accident. She recovers and ropes the dealer. She sends a message to his boss that she's coming for him.

An alarm goes off nearby and when she goes to investigate, a child meets her, explaining he set off the alarm so he could ask her to look for his brother who has gone missing.

Jacob holds a press conference where he offers a million-dollar reward for information about Kate's disappearance.

Luke and Mary argue over Alice's intel that Kate is alive. Luke leaves to work on finding Kate.

Ryan brings the missing boy to Mary's attention. His name is Kevin Johnson. He's been missing a couple of months. Ryan identifies with him as a black foster kid from the same neighborhood, Wayside. She flashes back to experiences in the foster home she lived in then, including making a friend.

Ryan takes Mary in her van to check out Kevin's route to school. She notices a comic book store with a free comic rack and remembers being approached by a woman with candy and comic books when she was a kid. The woman trapped her in the car and took her to be brainwashed into a gang.

Sophie finds Alice in her kitchen. Alice requires she look up a man named Ocean in the Crows database.

Jacob has a Crow look into the Jack Napier artwork from Kate's phone.

Ryan shares with Mary what she went through with the candy lady. There was a countdown marked with jelly beans. At one point, the woman gags her and Ryan thought people had come looking for her but the searchers were looking for a girl with fair skin and blue eyes, wearing a necklace with a red stone.

Mary realizes the searchers were looking for Beth Kane and has a way to track down the candy lady.

Alice gets on Sophie's nerves as she researches Ocean.

Luke arrives and Alice greets him at the door with a gun.

Mary pulls out all of Kate's records of the search for Beth. While she's looking away, Ryan winces from her kryptonite wound.

Mary's started moving into Kate's apartment to manage the bar more easily. She offers to share it with Ryan so she doesn't have to live in her van anymore.

Ryan reveals that her friend from the foster home let herself get caught by the candy lady so they could escape together. This friend turned out to be Angelique Martin, Ryan's ex. Ryan texts Angelique but gets a wrong number response.

They find the map of the volunteer search teams' route and Ryan heads out to confront the candy lady on her own, as herself.

Sophie tries to talk Alice out of shooting Luke. Alice reveals her job is to kill Ocean with a special knife. Sophie receives a call from Jacob but declines it on Alice's orders. Jacob leaves a message, saying he's following up on a tip from Wayside.

Ryan approaches the house and the candy lady comes out. Ryan confronts her but the woman has gang members waiting and they taze Ryan so the woman can hit her with knock-out spray. They take her inside.

Luke tells Sophie that it's impossible to track down Coryana. On his screen, he informs Sophie that he's found an address but they shouldn't tell Alice. He and Sophie head out, leaving Alice watching TV and eating a baguette.

Ryan wakes up in the woman's attic room. The jelly bean jar is empty. She passes out again and remembers Angelique helping her escape. Ryan jumped in front to block another knock-out spray shot and Angelique had to get her to wake up so they could get away. The memory helps Ryan wake up. She gets the candy jar down and breaks it to cut her bonds. The woman comes up with a knife to check on her and Ryan takes her out. She beats information out of the woman and finds out Kevin's with the False Face Society gang now.

Jacob meets up with a guy who claims to have been a marshall on the tarmac the day Kate's plane took off. While he's talking, Jacob is shocked from behind by Kevin Johnson. He bags Jacob.

Sophie drives to a pizza parlor that might be where Ocean is, based on intel Luke got from Julia. Sophie finds a chemistry lab set up, making Snake Bite. She's jumped by a woman. Alice walks in and the woman takes off.

Alice admits she plans on killing Kate when she finds her and knocks out Sophie with a kick to the head.

The False Face gang unbags Jacob. They order Kevin to shoot Jacob to earn his place with the gang.

Batwoman enters and frees Jacob. A fight ensues which they win but Kevin enters with his gun. Batwoman talks him down and then leaves him to Jacob to protect.

In the aftermath, the Candy Lady is arrested and Jacob admits that Batwoman saved his life. Sophie tells him that Alice is a danger to Kate.

Ryan examines her wound. Mary comes in and admits she wants to look for Kate too.

Ryan gets a text and leaves.

Alice finds a motel key left by the woman in Ocean's apartment for the Burnside Motel. She also finds a note from Ocean instructing someone to drop the merch at the motel before 5pm.

Before leaving, she sees a picture on the wall and flashes back to arriving in Coryana and meeting Ocean. It hits her hard.

Ryan waits in the bar for Angelique and when she arrives, it's the woman who attacked Sophie in Ocean's apartment. Ryan tells her that Batwoman caught the Candy Lady and reconciles with her.

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Batwoman Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Luke: You're not actually going to run him over, right?
Batwoman: And ruin my new paint job?

It seems that the gang known as the False Face Society is showing their entrepreneurial side by making and distributing Snake Bite, known for its dual-pronged injector needles which are said to give a double-whammy dose of fantasy and fright. So more fang for your buck. This trippy two-for-one is part psychedelic mushroom oil, part concentrated fear toxin.

Vesper Fairchild