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A doctor examines a patient who received the Desert Rose serum and uses it to cure another patient of his cancer. Instead, it kills the second patient.

The doctor's boss, Dr. Rogers, insists they try again.

Rogers goes to visit a psychiatric inmate, Aaron, who begs for a fix for himself. When the doctor says they don't have one, Aaron attacks the doctor and his orderlies.

Rogers sedates him and then informs him that he is going on a mission to find the cure.

Batwoman hunts down Gotham crooks but is hampered by her kryptonite wound. Luke expresses concern but Batwoman rejects it.

Angelique takes Ryan to emergency and advocates for her after they've been waiting for two hours.

The doctor prescribes antibiotics but isn't going to run any tests because Ryan doesn't have the insurance. Angelique offers to cover the costs of the blood work.

Ryan offers to help Angelique get out of the business she's in.

Ocean and Alice are holed up in an abandoned subway car. Ocean denies sending the note to Alice. He tries to exit the scene.

Alice reminds him that their memories have been wiped and that Safiyah will send an army of assassins.

Ocean explains Safiyah wants him dead because he tried to leave Coryana with a Desert Rose.

Alice hypothesizes that Safiyah caught them together and erased the memories of each other.

Mary and Jacob are driving away from a lawyer meeting where the lawyer tried to convince Jacob to declare Kate dead.

Sophie calls and informs him the Napier painting is a fake. Forensics found a fingerprint from the forger and it's Ocean. Jacob gives Sophie permission to use the high-frequency generator receiver and they end the call.

A truck crashes into them, knocking them both out. Aaron pulls Mary from the car.

Sophie visits Ryan at The Hold-Up and tries to get her to turn on Angelique so they can track down Ocean who grows the mushrooms used in the Snake Bite Ang has been dealing. Ryan refuses, initially, but agrees if Sophie makes Angelique's drug file disappear.

Mary and Jacob wake up in her clinic. Mary tries to cover for the fact it's her clinic. Aaron sees they're awake and tries to introduce himself but loses his temper. He demands Mary give him the antidote and when she tells him there's none left, he has another rage episode.

Mary tells him everything about it. Jacob's shocked by the information.

Aaron wants her to recreate the serum but she says she can't because her blood no longer has the serum in it and it only works in the first generation.

Mary confesses to Jacob that she's been practicing medicine in this clinic for two years.

In the apartment, Ryan examines the kryptonite wound and it looks much worse. Angelique arrives and recognizes Ryan's plant as the one she gave her five years previously.

Ryan offers Angelique a job at The Hold-Up. Angelique declines, saying she likes her job. They argue but Ryan doubles over in pain from the wound.

While Angelique gets her meds, Ryan uses Sophie device to install the spyware on Angelique's phone.

Ryan exchanges the device for Angelique's file from Sophie.

The hospital calls Ryan and asks her in for retesting because her results show radioactive material.

Aaron threatens to kill Jacob unless Mary makes more serum. She insists there is no more and Aaron stabs Jacob in the stomach with a scalpel.

While Aaron's self-medicating with pain meds, Mary and Jacob talk. After, Mary asks Aaron about his craniotomy scar. Aaron describes the treatments he's undergone. UV treatment worked until cancer took hold. He loses control and stabs Jacob again.

To save Jacob, Mary tells him about Coryana.

Alice and Ocean continue to talk. Alice jogs his memory about their relationship.

Ryan researches kryptonite in the Batcave. Luke arrives and explains Ocean's connection to Kate, including Alice's involvement. This upsets Ryan.

Mary calls and, in coded language, tells him she needs Batwoman. Ryan prepares to get into the suit but collapses from the pain of the wound.

Ocean is uncertain about their relationship and Alice leaves to call Tatiana. Safiyah answers the phone and Alice asks her about her memory gaps.

Ryan shows Luke the kryptonite wound. She still intends on saving Mary.

Alice approaches Ocean with the knife. As they fight, they recall their relationship. Sophie arrives with a gun to arrest Ocean.

Ocean pulls out the real Napier. Sophie demands the map so Ocean lights the painting on fire, revealing the map on the canvas underneath.

Sophie contacts Luke and he tells her she needs to take the map to the clinic to save Mary and Jacob.

Aaron reveals that Hamilton Dynamics doctors did this damage to him. As he is about to attack Jacob again, Sophie bursts in. He attacks her, knocking her out. Mary gets a scalpel to Jacob on the floor. Aaron starts to strangle Mary but Jacob knocks Aaron off her.

Batwoman arrives to save Jacob and tells him to get Mary out the back. He wants to stay for Sophie but Batwoman swears she'll protect her. Aaron knocks her down but she gets Luke to administer an adrenaline shot and she manages to knock Aaron out.

Sophie walks in, being held at gunpoint by masked men who take Aaron and the map.

Mary and Luke discuss Ryan's wound and Coryana. Mary insists that Jacob can help.

Jacob demands that Hamilton Dynamics turn over the map if they have it. Mary comes to see him and he tells her that he's shutting down her clinic.

Angelique comes to see Ryan and confronts her about the spyware. Sophie overhears it all.

Alice approaches a sleeping Ocean and plunges the knife into him. She calls Safiyah and arranges an exchange. The real Ocean walks in. The body has had a face swap done.

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Batwoman Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Angelique: We have been waiting for a doctor for two hours.
Doctor: Oh, well, actually, I'm not her attending.
Angelique: Oh, actually, have you heard of a little issue in your medical community called implicit bias?
Doctor: Sorry, we're coding down the hall.
Angelique: Let me educate you on something.
Ryan: Ang! Please, he's busy!
Angelique: It is the reason black women die of neglect at a disproportionately high rate in this country. We're not having that tonight. You need to get my girl some actual care before you need your own.

Nobody robs banks anymore? You gotta loot mom and pop shops?