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Black Mask broadcasts a message to Gotham on all channels. Circe/Kate gears up in a False Face armored outfit with the Batwoman insignia on her chest.

Black Mask offers the people of Gotham the chance to join him to tear down the city's institutions. He's left False Face masks on street corners for people to pick up. At the end of his speech, he cuts the power to the entire city.

Ryan writes a final letter to Gotham.

Mary makes a list of things to do.

Luke hands out walkie-talkies because Black Mask has taken down the Internet and all cellular communications. Mary heads to the clinic.

Ryan helps Luke figure out where Black Mask broadcasted from.

At the studio, Tavaroff is being strapped down. Black Mask brings Circe/Kate in and shows her all the souvenirs she took from the Batcave are now on display. He takes the Bane Venom to try on Tavaroff.

He reveals his plan is to be Gotham's hero by taking out Black Mask in front of everyone.

The venom kills Tavaroff. Black Mask has him disposed of and moves onto other experiments.

Luke gives Ryan and Sophie the address for the Gotham Live studio, finding the logo in his father's old city almanacs.

Alice arrives to let them know Safiyah's not going to be a problem.

Sophie and Ryan take out some rioters but not before they shoot and badly wound the Mayor.

Ryan takes a couple of masks to Alice and proposes they work together.

Luke knocks some items over and finds sketches he made that his father made notations on. Looking around more, he finds the Batwing suit.

Tavaroff is rolled into the clinic, barely alive. Mary and the attending notice the Snakebite and the other vial. She realizes the vaporized Snakebite is prolonging the effect and making the memories last forever.

Alice and Ryan drive to the studio headquarters. They have a fight and Ryan vows to put Alice behind bars.

Tavaroff revives and goes into a rage in the clinic. Mary is in the alley, pitching her idea to expose Circe/Kate to atomized Snakebite to Luke. Tavaroff emerges in the alley.

The city continues to riot, spurred on by Black Mask's voice.

Ryan and Alice find the Rogue's Gallery souvenirs but Circe/Kate attacks them. Black Mask backs her up with gunfire.

Ryan's letter makes it onto Vesper's show. Gotham residents start repurposing the skull masks.

Tavaroff is tearing the alley apart. He sees Mary and demands his Snakebite. She tazes him to get away but her pursues. He pushes over a ledge and Batwing saves her, sort of.

Ryan rolls up in the Batmobile and Mary gives her the aerosol Snakebite. She admits her insecurity and Mary points out all the people of Gotham who have turned the skull masks in Batwoman lanterns.

Batwing takes out Tavaroff.

Black Mask and Alice face off. She uses Joker's trick flower to disable him.

Ryan chases Circe/Kate. She pulls her off the bike and they fight. Alice arrives and sprays Circe/Kate with the Snakebite. They fall over the bridge railing together into a river.

In the river, the Snakebite gives Alice a vision of Ocean. She says goodbye.

In Circe/Kate's mind, Snakebite gives her the chance to save Beth.

Alice pulls Kate out of the river. Ryan and Alice provide CPR and resuscitate her. The GCPD arrive and arrest Alice.

Vesper reports that Gotham rejected Black Mask's call to anarchy and they want Batwoman back.

Ryan faces a parole board. They release her from all restrictions and supervision.

Kate, Mary, and Luke catch up in the office.

Ryan arrives. She and Kate have a talk and come to an understanding.

Kate and Sophie meet at The Hold-Up. Kate plans to leave to look for Bruce.

Ryan makes plans for the future with Luke and Mary and then visits Alice in Arkham. Alice informs her that her biological mother is alive.

Downriver from Gotham, the Rogue's Gallery items find landfall and Poison Ivy's plant starts spreading.

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Batwoman Season 2 Episode 18 Quotes

We've always needed a hero, Gotham. But, in this moment, maybe that's not me.


And when the dust finally settles over our failed system, Black Mask will still be standing, ready to lead you to your liberation! Because you know what they say about power, huh? Use it. Or lose it.

Black Mask