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Batwoman questions a Janus/False Face guard about the whereabouts of Circe and Roman.

She returns to the Batcave where no one has been able to track down Circe since she wandered off ten hours previously.

Mary gets a text about a belligerent drunk in The Hold-Up. Ryan goes to investigate and discovers that it's Circe/Kate.

Mary and Ryan take her up to the apartment, passed out. She recognizes Mary but doesn't know her as a sister. Luke and Sophie confer with them downstairs and Mary feels that they need Alice.

Alice is mourning Ocean when Mary finds her. Alice demands Mary save him but Mary says that's impossible. Mary changes her mind and tells Alice that Kate's fine.

Luke considers using Kate's journals to bring back her memory. Ryan thinks it'll take more than that. He argues that Kate's resilient and will pull through.

He brings the journals to the apartment and tops it by bringing the keys to Kate's motorbike.

Circe/Kate rides to an abandoned TV studio and brings the journals to Roman and Safiyah.

Sophie arrives at the apartment as Ryan's packing up to leave.

Sophie tries to convince Ryan that she doesn't need to feel everything's been taken. She's made a place for herself. Ryan feels that Kate is still more Batwoman than she is. Sophie informs her that Black Mask has been paying ex-Crows top dollar to work for him.

Roman gives a speech to recruited ex-Crows. He offers them an arsenal of weapons and free rein to patrol the streets however they like. He gets applause from everyone but Tavaroff. Afterwards, he approaches Tavaroff who feels like he's playing the same role as when he was a Crow. Black Mask ups his offer of power.

Lights go out in an office where a man's working at a laptop. Batwoman's voice is heard asking about Black Mask's payroll. When he refuses to talk, his laptop disappears.

When Ryan returns to the Batcave, no one's there. She sees Mary and Luke with Circe/Kate in her office on the surveillance camera. Circe/Kate voices her plans to become Batwoman again.

Ryan moves back into her van and has a talk with her Mama, pep-talking herself into looking into the laptop herself where she sees that Black Mask is creating an army. Suddenly, her van is surrounded by police and they fling open her doors to arrest her. They take the laptop and plant Snakebite injectors as evidence against her.

Alice brings an urn to the beach, reminiscing about Ocean, and pours his ashes into the water.

Safiyah shows up to pay her respects.

The GCPD cruiser with Ryan in the back parks and the officer leaves. Roman sits down in the front and confronts her with the fact he knows that she's Batwoman. He offers to team up.

When she tries to appeal to his conscience, he informs her that he's having her killed before she sees trial and leaves.

Luke and Mary find out that Ryan's been set up and arrested.

Sophie shares Kate's letter with Circe and they discuss feelings. Sophie is notified of Ryan's arrest and takes Circe to the Batcave where Mary hands her the Batsuit. Sophie insists on going with her to rescue Ryan. Circe knocks out Mary and Luke with the Bat-syringe-pistol and then rubs her deceit in Sophie's face before shooting her too.

Ryan's parole officer is lecturing her in holding. Ryan tries to explain the situation by revealing that she is Batwoman. GCPD come to take Ryan and when the parole officer tries to delay them, they pull a gun. Ryan fights them off and takes on the reinforcements too. When the alarm sounds, the parole officer gives Ryan her badge so she can get out of the parking garage exit.

Alice and Safiyah stand off. Safiyah insists Alice let the war between them cease because Coryana will be the only place she'll be able to seek shelter when Gotham falls.

Sophie, Mary, and Luke wake up, trapped in the Batcave elevator.

Circe explores the rooms in the Batcave and finds a biohazard containment unit. She opens it and finds a collection of souvenirs taken off Batman's worst enemies.

Ryan arrives at the Batcave. The team fills her in and she goes to find something to free them with. Circe returns. Ryan hides. Circe hunts her.

Safiyah asks Alice to return to Coryana with her. She reveals that she has sent Circe to retrieve Poison Ivy's vines so that she can combine it with the plant Ryan traded her for Alice and fill the island with Desert Rose fields again. Alice is heartbroken to learn that Kate hasn't been restored.

Circe starts using the team as target practice. Ryan hits her with a fire extinguisher, knocking the crossbow out of her hand. They fight while Luke tries to get the crossbow.

The team gets out but Sophie isn't able to shoot Circe/Kate and she walks away with her loot, leaving Ryan on the ground.

Safiyah offers Alice sanctuary and her love. Alice pretends to accept and then stabs Safiyah with the Desert Rose dagger.

The team discovers that Circe's taken everything from the confiscated weapons room. Ryan admits to being truly afraid but Mary still believes they'll figure something out.

Roman shows Tavaroff the items Circe stole.

Circe cuts apart the Batwoman suit and then slashes the logo with a shard of Kryptonite.



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