On Batwoman Season 2 Episode 2, Alice unleashes a plague upon Gotham and Ryan has to suit up to prevent a terrible tragedy from occurring. A dangerous enemy arrives.

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Alice uses rats to lure bats in the tunnels to Mouse's corpse where they feed on him and become carriers of the Hamilton Dynamics toxin she used to kill him.
Ryan fails to get hired for a security job because of her criminal record. While buying pain meds, she tries to stop a robbery but gets arrested instead. While being questioned by Sophie, she accuses Jacob of being racist in letting Alice live. Sophie lets slip another connection.
Ryan goes to Mary to ask if Alice is Beth Kane. Mary shares the fact Alice killed her mother too. Mouse's corpse is brought in and a live bat bursts out of the body.
Alice ambushes Julia in her car and lets her know Safiyah killed Kate and that Alice is planning a big retribution. She stabs Julia and leaves.
Ryan realizes Alice's plan has to do with the pro-Batwoman rally and she dresses in the suit (despite Luke's protests) in order to disperse the crowds.
The crowds don't listen but Alice arrives and they fight on a rooftop. Alice activates a transmitter that summons the bats who attack the crowd, poisoning them with the toxin.
Mary finds Alice in the clinic and Alice gives her a bag of Mary's blood from which she can synthesize a cure.
Ryan lures the bats away with the transmitter and traps them in a bus which she then explodes.
Julia figures out where Alice is hiding and tells Sophie.
Ryan offers to be Batwoman until Kate returns in order to give the city hope.
Sophie finds Alice but is knocked out by Tatiana, one of Safiyah's minions, and Alice admits she did everything to get Safiyah's attention. Tatiana knocks her out too.

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On Batwoman Season 2 Episode 2, Alice unleashes a plague on Gotham and Ryan must step up as Batwoman to save the city. Safiya is not amused

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Batwoman Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Thug: Where's the cash?
Ryan: I got three collection agencies asking me the same thing.
Thug: ATM card?
Ryan: You're just setting yourself up for more disappointment.

Rat, meet Mouse.