On Batwoman Season 2 Episode 3, Victor Zsasz is making a mark on Gotham. Safiyah has Alice & Sophie brought to Coryana to share a secret. Batwoman gets a new look.

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Zsasz kills a man and his lover and marks himself with new cuts to commemorate the hits.
Batwoman interrupts a Snakebite transaction but has to run to make her appointment with her parole officer. She lies and says she's been hired at The Hold-Up and Mary backs her up and hires her after the fact.
Sophie and Alice wake up in Coryana. Alice is taken to Safiyah while Tatiana watches Sophie.
Zsasz hits Hamilton Dynamics for two more kills and steals a drive. Ryan is able to identify him from the footage because her ex used to hang with his circle. When she goes to get the drive back, he runs her off with a missile launcher after commenting that she doesn't seem to suit the suit.
Safiyah tells Alice that she didn't bring down Kate's plane but that Alice has endangered Coryana by sharing the Desert Rose with the people of Gotham. Alice doesn't believe her and attacks Safiyah. Safiyah reveals that she has Kate and shows Alice Kate's necklace.
The drive contains a list of people that were treated with the antidote to the batbite toxin. Mary discovers that the antidote has cured a patient of her Stage 3 cancer. Zsasz comes after Mary.
Luke and Ryan prepare to rescue Mary and Ryan informs him that she's made alterations to the suit.
Ryan fights Zsasz and manages to knock him out.
Tatiana fights Sophie but is interrupted by Safiyah who has Sophie knocked out again and promises Alice she'll return Kate once Alice has done a job for her.
Alice tells Sophie about Kate and Sophie tells Jacob who finds a photo on Kate's phone of a Jack Napier painting with "Safiyah?" written on it.

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On Batwoman Season 2 Episode 3, Victor Zsasz is cutting his way through Gotham and Safiyah makes her displeasure known. Ryan customizes her suit much to Luke's chagrin.

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Batwoman Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

The suit's bulletproof, dumb ass.


Batwoman: Seriously?
Luke: That would've been a ten if you'd stuck the landing.
Batwoman: I would've stuck the landing if the boots actually fit.