On Batwoman Season 2 Episode 1, Ryan Wilder finds the Batsuit after Kate Kane goes missing & tries to use it to right the wrong of her mother's death. Bruce Wayne returns

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Ryan Wilder is awakened, sleeping in her van, by plane debris falling from the sky. In the wreckage, she finds the Batsuit.
Luke and Mary realize the plane the crashed was the one Kate was on. Jacob shows up at the scene to look for Kate with Sophie while Alice looks on from a distance.
Mary and Luke are discussing how Kate might've survived if she was wearing the suit when they come upon Bruce Wayne in the office. Mary leaves and Luke offers to let Bruce lead the way to the Batcave. Because Bruce is actually Tommy in disguise, he covers and gets Luke to open the passageway.
Ryan takes the suit for a spin and tries to track down the gang that killed her mother.
Alice visits Tommy at Wayne Manor and tells him what her plan had been for Kate and Jacob.
Mary and Luke find Ryan but she won't give back the suit until she has justice for her mother.
Tommy/Bruce visits Jacob to tell him where to find Alice. On the way out he runs into Julia but he fails a couple of questions she throws out and she discovers his disguise.
Ryan decides to return the suit and turns on the GPS. Tommy sees the signal, finds the Batmobile, and goes after her.
Luke warns Ryan and she runs away from the Batmobile until Luke is able to hack and stop it. Tommy shoots Ryan in the suit with the kryptonite shard but she still manages to beat him in a fight
Alice tells Jacob that Kate was Batwoman. Julia gives Sophie a letter from Kate that tells her the same.
Alice gets a message from Safiyah that she caused the plane crash.
Ryan has been infected by the kryponite.

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On Batwoman Season 2 Episode 1, Kate Kane disappears, leaving everyone reeling as her truth comes out. Ryan Wilder finds the suit and a new hero rises.

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Batwoman Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Ryan: You make it sound like these are all my choices.
Stevens: They are your choices, Ryan. You have the power to turn this around.
Ryan: You want to know why I haven't paid my fines? Because I can't find a job. Because I don't have a home. Because no landlord wants to rent to an ex-con who's post-release. You see how this works? No one cares that the dope wasn't mine or that the Crows were dirty or that I'm actually a decent human. I am a file in your cabinet. That is not having power. That is the very definition of powerless.

Luke: It's been four years, Bruce. Where have you been?
Bruce: If only the answer were as simple as the question, Mini Fox.