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Alice collects a mouse in the sewers and brings it to Mouse's corpse, explaining to his body that it's part of a plan to get back at Safiya. She tapes the rat to Mouse's body. Bats are attracted and feed on the rat and Mouse, eyes glowing after biting Mouse.

Ryan recalls being rescued by Batwoman two months previously, on Halloween, when she was dressed as a cat.

In the present day, she is interviewing for a. job but her prior criminal history prevents her from being hired.

Jacob watches footage of his last encounter with Batwoman shere he tried to take her down. Knowing now that he shot his own daughter, Kate, he's pretty distraught. THe news reports that a pro-Batwoman rally is being planned.

Jacob confronts Mary about Kate's role as Batwoman. Mary denies knowing anything. Sophie confronts Luke with the information as well, and he also denies knowing the truth.

Jacob and Sophie want to know if Mary and Luke know anyone who might've sabotaged Kate's plane.

In the hallway, Julia tries to talk to Sophie but gets her head bit off for the effort.

Ryan is buying painkillers, feeling the kryptonite wound bothering her, and then intercedes in a robbery attempt. She runs the robbers off but gets arrested by a Crow.

Sophie interrogates Ryan, revealing they know each other from run-ins when Ryan was dating a drug dealer. Sophie doesn't believe Ryan tried to stop the robbery until a Crow comes in to tell her that the video surveillance confirms her story. As she's letting Ryan go, Ryan accuses the Crows of racism in dealing with Alice but Sophie lets slip a hint that Jacob has another connection to Alice.

Ryan visits Mary's clinic and confronts her with the fact that Alice is Beth Kane. Mary discloses that Alice killed her mother and Ryan offers to get justice for both mothers if Mary tells her where Alice is.

Just then, Mouse's corpse is rolled in, covered in bat bites.

Julia heads to her car and Alice surprises her from the backseat. She holds her at knifepoint and informs her that she's planning something big, with a high body count. She informs Julia that Safiya killed Kate. 

Julia rejects her offer to team up and calls her desperate. Alice stabs her and leaves.

Luke arrives at the clinic and Mary identifies to cause of Mouse's death as the toxin that killed her mom.

Mouse's body starts to convulse and a bat bursts out of his body. Ryan screams and admits to a hatred of bats.

Julia fills Luke in on Alice's plans and Ryan realizes the target is probably the Batwoman rally in progress right then. Realizing the rally won't disperse without Batwoman's return. Ryan offers to wear it but Luke is against it. Mary sides with Ryan.

Ryan makes an appearance in the suit. Jacob realizes right away that it's not Kate and not Batwoman. Ryan tries to convince the crowd to disperse but they aren't moving. Alice arrives to confront her about not being the real Batwoman.

Ryan and Alice fight. Alice activates a signal that draws all the bats in Gotham to them. The bats attack and bite people in the crowd, infecting them with the toxin.

Mary heads back to her clinic. Alice escapes from the rooftop. Ryan tracks the signal transmitter to a newspaper dispenser. 

At the clinic, Mary examines a patient who has been bitten and sees that her eyes are glowing. She finds Alice in her office. Alice provides a bag of Mary's blood from which a cure can be synthesized.

Carrying the transmitter, Ryan leads the bats away from people in the Batmobile. 

Mary tells Sophie she plans to take the bag of blood to Hamilton Dynamics so they can synthesize the cure so every victim can be treated.

Ryan forces a Crows bus to a stop and the driver to get out. Hanging the transmitter on the rear-view mirror, she draws the bats into the bus. Tossing a grenade under the bus, she incinerates all the bats. Just before the explosion goes off, she sees a homeless girl emerge from a nearby tent and grabs her to keep her safe.

Mary's plan works and all victims are treated for the toxin with the serum Hamilton Dynamics produces.

Julia figures out where Alice might be hiding out. Sophie asks her about the new Batwoman but she has no idea. 

Mary and Jacob talk about their hope that Kate's alive still.

Ryan returns the suit to the Batcave and asks Luke and Mary to continue on as Batwoman so that the city can have hope. Luke is skeptical but Ryan asserts that her life has prepared her to deal with criminals. 

Ryan finds Kate's journals and reads the entry written the night Batwoman saved her on Halloween. She writes a new entry, starting it with "Dear Kate."

Sophie tracks Alice down based on Julia's intel. She has a gun on Alice when one of Safiya's minions arrives and pulls a sword to Sophie's neck.

Tatiana knocks Sophie out and informs Alice that giving the Desert Rose cure to all of Gotham has drawn Safiya's wrath. Alice admits that was her goal. Tatiana knocks her out.

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Batwoman Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Thug: Where's the cash?
Ryan: I got three collection agencies asking me the same thing.
Thug: ATM card?
Ryan: You're just setting yourself up for more disappointment.

Rat, meet Mouse.